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Information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest News and travel information regarding COVID-19

As we all learn more about COVID-19 and how to keep students and communities safe, we will provide you with updates about the current situaton.

One team across the globe

DFSR is proud to be a part of Educatius Group, a leading and trusted organisation within the field of international education. Educatius Group organizes high school exchanges all over the world for students in 60+ countries. Together we are one team across the globe, making sure that your students get the best, most safe, and rewarding abroad experience possible.

We’ve seen that schools and nations around the world have been eager to re-open, but also determined to do so in a way that will ensure the safety of their students and communities. We’ve seen some changes to the school environments that are there to ensure students’ safety. Students wear masks and rules concerning physical distancing is enforced.

Any confirmed changes that may affect the normal operation of the program will always be communicated as soon as possible. The safety of your students is our highest priority, so we will not consider that they travel without first ensuring that Germany and more specific the region itself is ready to accept international students. We want to confidently let your students embark on their new, exciting adventure, without having to worry.


General Information

What if the student cannot start the program as planned? 

We are staying in touch with government institutions in Germany to receive all relevant information regarding COVID-19 and possible travel bans. Should your student be unable to enter Germany at the program start date, we can offer you the following options: 

  • defer the program to a later start date 
  • refund if travel is impossible due to German entry restrictions


Are students covered for COVID-19 by their medical insurance during the program?

Yes. Any accident or illness, related to COVID-19 that occurs to the student during his or her program will be covered by insurance. Please note that this only applies if your student has taken out the DFSR insurance. 

How will a possible new wave of COVID-19 be handled?

Over the last months we have learned much about how COVID-19 spreads, who is vulnerable and what factors are effective in managing it, and we are all adjusting to a new normal. We at DFSR have also learnt more about how we respond to COVID-19 regarding our program. There are general restrictions which apply to all of Germany and may vary on a regional level.   

Current Situation in Germany 

The borders and schools are open for students from Europe, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico. In some schools, they have a hybrid study plan (classes online and at campus) and wearing masks is mandatory. We are glad to inform you that, despite all, there are still many families who are interested in hostin international students!

The application deadline for January 2022 has expired, but you are welcome to send applications for August 2022.

As we continue to receive updates and information from partners and government officials in our destinations and here at home, we commit to keeping you updated.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Find information on entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany here.

For further information refer to the Robert Koch-Institut