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Preparation course in German

The best preparation for a year abroad

In order for students to be well-prepared for their exchange year in Germany, we offer an online preparation course in German.


To enroll your students, please use our enrollment form, our inbound team is glad to provide this. After the booking request you will receive a confirmation via email. Payment of the course fee is due 2 weeks before the course starts.

In order to make sure everything runs smootly, an online meeting is offered for technical checks and to get to know the learning platform. Participation in this meeting is mandatory, as technical issues should not be discussed during the language lessons. Your student will receive a separate email with an invitation and further instructions.

The German classes have been specially designed to provide knowledge in German as well as information about German traditions and customs. Students will go through grammar and vocabulary basics, learn useful expressions, and participate in quizzes and games with their classmates. Each lesson will take them one step closer to achieving their goals: to feel more confident and to communicate better in German.

Who should participate?

We recommend everyone who needs to refresh or improve their German skills to attend the language course. This course helps students to have the best possible start to their High School adventure.

About the language course

Many students have already started adapting to „life online“ and our online language course is designed for improving their German skills, making friends and having fun.

Our specially trained native language trainers motivate students to actively speak in German. The course takes place via a live webinar where students can interact with the language trainer and other exchange students.

During the course students will practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. Some of the topics covered will be:

  • German culture
  • Living in your host family
  • School life
  • Daily routines
  • and much more!

Students will notice their progress very soon and become more and more confident at speaking German at school and in their everyday life. The only requirements for the language course are a computer with a built-in audio function, a webcam, a headset and an internet connection. The course will run for 2 months, with 4 lessons à 45 minutes per week.

This is what previous students say about the course

I really improved my grammatical skills and my ability to speak in German. The breakout sessions were great and helped me talk to the other students confidently.

I had so much fun and the course helped me settle in and improve my German.

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Student exchange in Germany

Becoming an exchange student in Germany is the perfect opportunity for your students to get a genuine experience of this exciting European country and learn one of the most spoken languages in the world. As a German speaker, your students can communicate with millions and millions of people.