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Ausland macht schlau!

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Lucca in den USA

Top 7 things to do during your exchange year in the US

  • 1. Watch a football match

  • You wouldn’t want to miss out on Americans favorite sport, would you?

  • 2. Try to eat at places you don’t have in your home country

  • Avoid McDonalds and Burger King and try new restaurants, like Wendy’s or Buffalo Wild Wings.

  • 3. Join a club at your school.

  • To really get the whole experience, join one of the several clubs, for example wrestling, cheer, or orchestra during your year. Try something new!

  • 4. Spend time with your host family.

  • Learn about their interests and join them to activities they like.

  • 5. Visit attractions like National Parks.

  • Find out if there are any interesting things around you and ask your host family if you could visit them.

  • 6. Learn about the different measurement system.

  • May sound boring but it is really interesting how it is different from ours.

  • 7.  Go to Walmart and all the other supermarkets.

  • They are huge compared to common European supermarkets. If you’re lucky, you may even find an international isle with some of your favorite foods from back home.