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Lucca in den USA

What to do after returning from your exchange year

1. Stay in contact

You’ve met so many people during your year. You have a new family, new friends and lots of people who supported you on your journey. Try to stay in contact with as many of them as possible, since they can always help you, you can keep on staying in your foreign language and you will always have a home on the other side of the planet. 

2. Come back to your old life

Your year will have been pretty amazing. Even though you went to school, it probably wasn’t your mind’s priority all the time. Now, you are back, and it is normal for everybody to wish for going back instantly, but you have to realize you’re back in your old life and school might be very important again. Rather plan on visiting your second home again than just being sad and not able to concentrate.

3. Visit and host

You miss all the people on the other side of the planet. Consider visiting them again or bringing them to you. You can host them for one or two weeks and show them your culture, your life. It’ll be a great opportunity to see each other again. 

4. Remember

For many, the exchange year is the greatest year in their life so far. Consider making a wall or a shelf with pictures and souvenirs you have collected over the year. It will give you a boost of happiness and you can never forget your experiences.