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Ausland macht schlau!

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Lucca in den USA

A typical school day during my year in the US

Getting up every day was always pretty similar to my days in Germany. I would usually get up at 6:20 AM to get ready for school. My breakfast consisted mostly of cereal, bread or yogurt. Then I would ride to school with my host brother. At my school, class started at 7:40. My school year was split in trimesters, so I would have the same 5 classes every day for one trimester. Typically, my first hour would be PE, which was a great start each day since I wasn’t so tired anymore in the classes afterwards.

Between classes I always had a six-minute break with the only exception being lunch break, which was 45 minutes long. During that time, you could get lunch at school, eat your own lunch or go out to eat. Here it has to be said that school lunch was way better than what they offer at most schools in Germany. My classes during my year reached from normal classes like American History, Algebra 2, and American Government to more specialized classes like Culinary Art, Graphic Design, and Critical Aspects of Film.

I typically had classes until 3 PM. Afterwards many people went to their after-school activities. There are many different activities offered at school. Football, Cheerleading, Board Game Club, Robotics, and Lacrosse are only a few examples. In my case it was wrestling during the second trimester, which I had from 3 to 6 PM. It is really normal in the US to be in school until 5 or 6 PM with your activities. After school I would go home, have dinner, do my homework, and sometimes play a game with my host brother. The other two trimesters, where I didn’t have wrestling, I spent my afternoons meeting up with friends, going to the movies, or working out at the gym. Overall, I cannot say that I was ever bored. I had fun activities every day and I wouldn’t want to miss any of my days I had in the US.