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Lucca in den USA

Making friends during your year abroad

Making friends is essential for a great experience during your year in a different country. Of course, you cannot expect to find 100 friends on your first day. Most likely, you will need some time to adjust to your new environment, school, and family. You don’t need to find lots of friends, rather find some good ones that can give you a real cultural experience. With them, you can explore your area, take trips to their favorite places, or do sports. There are many ways to make friends. You will be very interesting to a lot of people since you are from the other side of the world. You can find friends by sitting with new people at lunch, having class with them, or maybe you will meet somebody in an extracurricular activity you are taking. 

During your year, you will not be able to drive, so your friends will often be, next to your host family, your ride if you want to go somewhere. Also, you will be able to see life in more families than just in your own host family, making your experience ever greater and more interesting. If you cannot find anybody in the beginning, there is no need to worry. Eventually, you will make friends and most likely you will meet one after another. Some you will meet in your first month but maybe you will meet new friends in your last two months as well.

Your friends will know the area but also help you improve your English. You can go to football matches with them, go for walks or visit an arcade. They know the American lifestyle as their own so you will get the first-hand experience. Make sure to take pictures all the time. Either with a camera, your phone, or have fun taking them in a photo booth.

Friends will help you get through your school year and will show you how your own generation lives on their side of the planet.