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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Wan-Tsen aus Taiwan

August 2020 - Juni 2021

17 Jahre
Top Hobbies: Musik hören, backen/kochen, Volleyball
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Nein



Dear Host Family,

I’m Nicky, a seventeen years old girl from Taiwan. I have a big family in Taiwan, all of us have a very close relationship with each other. I enjoy staying with them. Most of the time I go to the park with my cousins and my younger brother. It is much fun to spend time with kids. They always make laugh, I love them so much. We love biking, playing basketball, and badminton. Our family likes outdoor activities. We love to go camping, mountain climbing, and picnic. I feel fulfilled and satisfied when we are all together.

I love cooking and baking, I have learned how to make a chicken spaghetti from my American host mom. I wish I can learn how to make a real German pig knuckle. I appreciate it if you teach me cooking. I get emotional when I am tired. I always tried my best not to bring up a bad mood to others, so I keep quiet when I am asleep. Everything will be alright after I take a short snap. And one thing I want to remind my future host family, I have a terrible sense of direction, I can get lost very easily. But I always take my phone with me, just in case I can’t find the way to somewhere. I wish we can have so much fun in the future. I am willing to try something new.

At school, I play volleyball with my friends every morning and noon break. I love the feeling that fit in a group. I have great chemistry with all teammates. About my club routine, I have a course about student rights every Thursday and have a meeting with teachers twice a week. I take this very seriously because I think it students’ responsibility to defend our rights. Because of this belief, my friends and I run in student elections as a group this year. We believe we can make our way to benefit the school.

For almost 12 years, my daily routine was studying. Like many Asian teenagers, I spent my time going to cram school and school. But the year before last year I made an important decision that totally changed my life. I chose to do the exchange. It’s hard for me because I was very close to my family. I couldn’t imagine life without them. But I thought I have to do something different, except for just standing here.

Firstly, I thought that it would be hard to fit in a new family, but somehow they were treated me like their own kids. Soon, I got used to staying with my host family and the pets they have. I never had pets before I went to America. Surprisingly, I figured out that I do like pets, especially cats. I am a total cat person. I often did grocery shopping with my host mom and sister together, my job is to remind them to keep our budget in mind, in case we can’t afford it.

During the year in Texas, I do found what I want. I learned how to express myself. In my country, students are afraid to have a different understanding from the teacher, they don’t take their doubt seriously, as long as they know how to complete the test. But after 2 weeks of school, I realized this way didn’t work here. So I started to ask questions during the class and talked to the teacher after the class. I was glad that all of my classmates and teachers were very nice to me, even though I talked very slow. In addition, I like to teach my classmate at the subjects that I was familiar with. Therefore, I became more talkative and less shy than I used to be.

Because of the experience, I have a lot of friends at my senior high school, and that gets closer to teachers. At the same time, my family became the host family to a foreign student, too. They have taken care of two students for Japan until now. I liked to share my culture, and so do them. We cooked, traveled, visited the museum, and watched movies together. I loved to see magazines with Kyoka who was a girl from Japan a lot. Sometimes, I took her to the place which is not a tourist attraction, but only natives know. We are very close to each, so are my family. During my free time at home, I like baking. I learned how to make muffins and a traditional Japanese dessert from her. We all felt sad when she had to go back.

Warm wishes,