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Suphakorn aus Thailand

August 2021 - Juni 2022

17 Jahre alt 
Top Hobbies: Musik hören, Filme schauen, Gitarre spielen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Keine


Liebe Hostfamilie,

My name is Suphakorn, I live with my family in a quiet part of my hometown, my family is my mother, father, grandfather and grandmother. My parents and I have our responsibilities, mine being doing laundry, dishes washing, bringing out the trash and helping my mom with cooking. I feel that when one live in a community, big or small, duties must be assigned, so it’s only normal that I have some responsibilities in the household.

In meine Freizeit spiele Ich meine Gitarre. Ich bin aber nicht so gut in Gitarre, weil ich ganz neu in der Gitarre bin. Ich spiele auch Klavier. Oft höre ich Musik. Meine Lieblingsgenres sind Jazz, Indie, Klassik und Rock. Manchmal spiele ich Computerspiele mit meinen Freunden. Abends gehe ich auch gerne joggen oder mache etwas für meine Gesundheit. Die Aktivitäten, die ich gerne mit meiner Familie machen sind Brettspiele spielen, Fernsehen und kochen. Ich koche aber nicht so gut also helfe ich nur meiner Mutter. Ich lerne gerne auch etwas neu, besonders Sprache. Ich habe im TYES-Test die Top 10 erreicht. Ich hatte die Gelegenheit, in ein deutsches camp nach Khao Lak zu gehen und in ein zwei-woche Sommerkurs nach Neuseeland zu gehen, aber beide wurde leider wegen coronavirus abgesagt.

During long weekend I usually find something new to do at home such as learning a new language or about any new topics. I sometimes go out and meet with my friends at a nearby shopping mall to discuss about our daily lives. At school, I do not have much free time after classes as my bus leaves school almost immediately after my classes end, and when I do have free time, I usually spend it doing my assignments with my friends. Due to my bus leaving rather early, most of my free time during the evening are spent at my house doing assignments. I also enjoy doing some activities with my family such as playing board games, jogging and watching televisions. Those are times which I thoroughly enjoy.

One of the most important choice that I’ve made is when I chose to study English harder when I was in grade 5. Since then, I’ve always been trying to improve my English in every way I could, that being participating in school English contests, attending English tuition camps and applying for scholarships. Earlier last year I’ve gotten a scholarship to study abroad at New Zealand for 2 weeks but due to the pandemic it was unfortunately cancelled. Another important choice that I’ve made is choosing English-German major when I was in Grade 10. Learning German, I grew fond of the culture and the language itself. It is those choices that led me to become who I am today, and to make the decision to take part in this exchange program, the decision which I think will change my life in many ways.

The experience that I will get from this program will definitely be my life time experience. To live somewhere far away from where I’m used to in an environment that is new to me for ten months would be challenging, on the other hand, everything that I will learn from this experience far outweighs the hardship that I will face. And with everything that I will learn from this program, I will help the others as a teacher or a tutor, since it has always been my dream. The most challenging thing I have done is complete A2 level exam for German language and it was a great challenge that I succeeded at. So, I am hopeful and confident that I will be a good member of the host family and enjoy my time in Germany.

Yours faithfully,