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Sara T. aus Italien

August 2021 - Juni 2022

16 Jahre alt

Top Hobbies: ins Fitnesstudio gehen, Filme und Serien schauen, reiten

Vegetarier: Nein

Allergie: Nein


Sara möchte bei einer Gastfamilie in Norddeutschland leben!


 Liebe Gast Familie,

Mein Name ist Sara und ich bin sechzehn Jahre Alt. Ich komme aus Italien und ich wohne in Sizilien, im Süden.

Ich bin sehr froh, dies Brief zu schreiben, ich habe schon lange darauf gewartet.

I live in a pretty city, there are many shops, lots of schools, but teens complain because there aren’t many places where we can have fun. I like nature and landscapes and another downside is that there aren’t lots of green areas or parks in which we can train.

Meine Familie ist ziemlich größ, wir sind fünf Personen: mein Vater heißt Lucio und er ist dreiundvierzig, er abeitet als Polizist, meine Mutter heißt Alessandra und sie ist zweiundvierzig, sie arbeitet in einem Call-Center. Ich habe auch einen Bruder, er heißt Mattia und er ist siebzehn, und eine schwester, sie heißt Francesca und sie ist zwölf. Wir haben einen Hund, Ares, und er ist mein Lebe, ich spiele immer mit ihm und oft gehe ich mit ihm spazieren.

Ich habe eine gute Beziehung mit meinen Eltern, ich mache viele Dinge mit ihnen,z.B Filme sehen, spazieren gehen, zusammen kochen und wir sprechen über verschiedene Themen: Schule, Probleme mit meinen Freundinnen...

I’m so lucky to have 2 siblings because I hate staying alone all the time. I have a good relationship with my brother because he’s just a year older than me, so we have common interests and we also spend time with the same group of friends.

Talking about my sister, we get on quite well, she’s younger than me, there are some moments in which we sing or dance together or I help her when she needs some suggestions, we alsoexchange clothes and shoes!!

For this reason, I hope I’ll have host siblings too.

I’m attending a Linguistic High School and I’m studying English, French and German. I like studying new languages so much because I want to know about other cultures and discover new places and cities. I‘ve never had problems at school, I study about 2 hours a day and my favourite subjects are all foreign languages and Italian literature, on the other side I don't like scientific subjects.

I've been studying German for 3 years (so I’m not too good at speaking and understanding it) and I want to do this experience to improve it, I love this language, maybe because my teacher makes me like it.

I don’t have a difficult character, I define myself as calm, simple, cheerful, kind, sweety, well organized and when I have a goal I try to do everything to reach it, as in this situation. In the beginning, I’m a bit shy, but over time I take confidence and maybe I talk even too much.

I like taking care of my physical aspect and always trying new products.

Furthermore, I love winter, more than summer, the snow, Christmas time and this kind of things, but it’s also true that I am always cold, in fact, I usually wear gloves, hats and I take my hot water bottle with me.

In meiner Freizeit mache ich gerne verschiedene Aktivitäten: neue Orte und Städte besuchen, mit meinen Freundinnen ausgehen, oft trainiere ich mit meiner Mutter, wir gehen spazieren, um saubere Luft zu atmen, oder wir sehen Filme, ich spiele auch gerne Brettspiele und Karten.

I like cooking, so I’d like to cook some Italian dishes for all of you, we could cook together if you want. Ich mochte das Gulasch kochen lernen und auch das Käsekuchen.

I eat almost everything, but I prefer eating healthy like vegetables, legumes, pasta, meat or fish. Of course, I like also sweets and cakes.

I have a few but true friends, my best friends are Federica, Sofia and Fabiana; each of them has different characteristics that I love so much, when I have doubts or problems and I talk with them, I feel much better but I also talk to my mum who helps me too.

When we are together, we usually eat, talk, go shopping or go to parties.

When I was 10 I liked horseback riding, so I’d like to do it also with you! From 3 to 8 y.o I took dance classes. Then I played volleyball for 4 years and now I bought the treadmill so I do it almost every day. SometimesI go to the stadium to watch the matches of my boyfriend's favourite team.

I like a few kinds of music, I relax with sad and calm music and my favourite artists are British.

When I have free time, because with my homework and the other activities I don’t have lots of it, I like reading romance books, and I like also watching movies inspired by a book.

In summer my family, my friends and I go to the same place to the seaside, because I have a big house and I invite them to spend time with us. During winter we are used to going for a couple of days to the mountain, we usually book a hotel.

I think I’ll be a good daughter and maybe sister, I don’t cause problems because I’m very obedient; I can help you whenever you need me, you can count on me!

I hope I managed to describe a bit of who I am, we’ll know each other very soon!


Best regards,