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Ausland macht schlau!

Po-An aus Taiwan

August 2021 - Juni 2022

14 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Klavier spielen, lesen, Basketball, Fußball, Kunst, Tischtennis
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: bestimmte Medikamente


Dear Host Family,

I am a 14-years-old boy from Taiwan. My father is an engineer, and my mom is a housewife. We like to take trips, meals, movie together. I don't have any siblings, so sometimes I want to have one. My father, who is very optimistic and hard-working, always gives me positive energy. My mom is outgoing, and she pays great attention to everything. She points out the mistake that I make and had me to correct. Also, she is good at cooking, especially her curry rice and beef noodles are my favourite. I hope I can share these dishes with you.

I have learned to play "go," which is a kind of chess using black and white pieces on a big board. I not only found the joy of wits and thinking in go, but also how to overcome the difficulties, pressure, and control the mood after losing. I’ve also learned calligraphy, piano, table tennis. I enjoy the peace and Chinese culture in the calligraphy. Writing calligraphy isn't easy; behind my beautiful word is years of effort. Furthermore, I love music. Music is a feast for the soul. Piano hits my soul. In classical music, I like Beethoven, Debussy, Mahler. I am also fond of pop music and musical drama.

Watching American dramas and animes is the best time of my day. I enjoy reading books and watching movies. The light novel, fantasy novel, love novel, battle novel, wuxia novels, and science fiction, all are my favourite. But I'm not a fan of ghost novels, and also ghost movies.

I have been to Guam and Okinawa before, and I enjoy the beach and the water parks in Guam the most. I like scuba diving because the world under the water was sophisticated. I love the feeling of fishes and nature being close. Moreover, I like sports a lot. Playing basketball is one of my favourite thing to do. I watch the NBA sometimes, and Michael Jordan is my favourite star. He's legendary! I wish to play soccer in Germany, also hoping we can enjoy soccer delightedly. These are the things I do in my free time.

In school, my classmates and I discuss the homework. We play "krunker" in computer class. We connect the game by playing the same map. Laughs are everywhere; besides, it's the happiest time in my school days. We share great books with each other, and some of them can't stop reading it. In the breaks, I sometimes play basketball, my ball skills improve gradually. We run for the basket when the break time bell rings. Only the fast one gets the chance to play.

I had been participating in basketball training with the school team. The training was rigorous and hard. We trained for a long time without drinking a drop of water. We practice shoot, dribble, defence, attack, which made me sweat like a waterfall. The coach said if we want to drink, we have to finish all the practice. I could still vividly imagine that I practiced so hard not only for the skills but, more importantly, the water. It's a demon training that I never forget, but it actually improved my basketball skills. I have a strong, responsible willing to finish my work. My character is influenced by my mom. I work efficiently, and use methods to solve the problem. That’s why I am always chosen to be an assistant of the teacher.

I had joined the Asian Debate League. The students are from American schools and European schools in Taiwan. I still remember there was a student called Bryan. He threw mentos into cola, which resulted in a cola fountain erupting everywhere and made a small mess. Teachers didn't punish him and told him to clean up and go back to the seat. It is impossible in traditional schools in Taiwan because the teacher will be raged immediately. I like the atmosphere; it is very lively in international schools. I want to learn things with a delightful mood and enjoy the course in a Western way. I won’t put mentos in cola though.

I had been to Germany when I was a child. I was fascinated by the European style building and nature. It was artistic. This year, I had been a self-service trip to Japan with my family, and that makes me understand Japan thoroughly. I like the wooden culture there that spreads in an elegant, graceful atmosphere. And the most enchants me is the solemn, peaceful, comfortable of the shrine. That gives me the motivation and hope to make efforts. I especially like their sushi, barbecue, and matcha; they are delicious and make me never forget. I want to travel to Europe, and experience foreign culture, food, scenery, and have a good time.

I want to watch the Bundesliga live. The live atmosphere will be great! Moreover, I like the excitement and stimulation! I also wish to one day visit the Mercedez Benz museum. Watching the car's evolution and some fashionable car is amazing. My dream is to listen to Berlin Philharmonic in person one day, I know the experience will be engraved in my heart. I want to travel around and enjoy the journey.

I hope we can have a beautiful memory and be delighted with our time together. I will cherish this year with you.