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Ausland macht schlau!

Pedro aus Brasilien

August 2022 - Juni 2023

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Fitness, Basketball, Computer, Radfahren, Tanzen, Kinobesuche, Wandern,
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Nein

Pedro möchte gerne bei einer Gastfamilie in Süddeutschland leben!

Dear Host Family,

Thank you very much for hosting me.
First of all, I’m so excited to meet you I have never gone to Germany or Europe in general and I’m a little nervous, I think that’s normal. I’m single child, who loves to be with my family and friends. I love to hang out, but on the other hand, I love to stay at home with my family or alone. I like to listening music, playing some vídeo-games, watching movies or series and sometimes I like to read.

My dad like to cook so I don't go to a lot of restaurants, and we prefer to eat home anyways. But when we don't eat home, we go to the club and enjoy the weekend. I have a pretty busy routine, I study and do my homework, read at least one hour, go out with my friends, have germany classes, and I take a little time to relax.
I only have a little dog and her name is Stella, I like playing and apending time with her. I had a lot of other pets, for example, a parrot, another dog (german-shepherd), a lot of fishes because in my house I have a little lake. So, as you can see my family and I are very animal fans.

I really like practing sports, for example, my passion is playing tennis. I really love playing and I hope that I can play in some place there. I practiced handball, volleyball, basketball and I love riding a bike. I took Karate and Judo classes for 7 years

My family are the people I love the most, my mother is a doctor, obstetrical gynecologist and she works in the University Hospital in the city of São Paulo and in a program called ALSO (advanced life support in obstetrics), and my father works as a self-employed person. My father and mother are very different people from each other but they match a lot, I really enjoy being with them and doing activities with the family, as well as going out with my friends and also doing individual activities. I like having my individual space to carry out some activities such as reading, playing video games, studying and doing my homework. I can be a pretty extrovert person in some situations especially when I'm among friends, but at first I'm a shy person.

I’m a person that don’t know so much about politics, but despite that I always try to stay abreast of what is happening in my country and in the world. This year I turned 16, so now I can vote here in Brazil I know it is a difficult choice but I am sure that if I am well informed I will be able to choose a good ruler for my country. My idea is to vote for someone who has proposals that I believe are good for my country so that we can grow nationally and internationally. With that, I'm sure that having this opportunity to do the exchange will help me to mature.
I’m a boy with a pretty open mind and who wants to discovery a lot of things. My school, my family and my friends help me a lot to understand and improve my knowledge and make new discoveries daily. I really enjoy going to school, studying and doing my homework and schoolwork. My favorite subjects are physics, although my best grades are in Mathematics. The subject I like least is Chemistry.

I wake up at 6am in the week to take a quickly shower to prepare myself for school, I stay 5 hours in school and go home at 1pm or 5pm, because two times a week I have more classes. In the weekend I go to sleep later and wake up later to. I go almost every day to the sport club and do my activities like go to the gym, play tennis, play volleyball and spend time with my friends.
I really like to being a good students and focus on school, but I also like to enjoy my adolescence and participate in social and cultural activities, so that I can learn more and more from the people I live with.