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Nicha aus Thailand

August 2020 - Juni 2021

15 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Tanzen, Museen besuchen, Geige spielen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Nein


Dear my host family,

I write this letter to introduce myself to you and first I like to say “Guten Tag” to you and in Thai you can say “Sawasdee”. My name is Nicha it means “pure and clean” in English. My nickname is Anda it resembles the name of the Thailand’s sea, and I think it is a very great name. I am 14 years old. In my family, there are 3 people; my parents and me and I love them so much because they taught me how to be a good person and they let me to do thing that I love so we are very closed. I live in Songkhla, Thailand where it is in the south of Thailand. Songkhla is a very beautiful city so you can see a long beach or old buildings and there is a great walking street at night in town. I love my hometown here.

At home, everyone has the role to do housework, and my role is washing, laundry and cleaning. And my mom, she takes care of cooking. My dad, he is a driver because he is only one in family who can drive the car. Normally, we like to clean the house together. In my free time I like to listen to the music, watching movies and taking a trip with my family. On holidays, my family like to sit on the beach and having dinner there and watching sunset together.

At school, PSU.Wittayanusorn, I think my school is a great one because it is science school and there are so many good teacher and science equipment provided. There are many activities to do like organizing events which the students manage the events or working on the performances or presenting various content. My school are not very big and there are about 1,300 students from grade 7-12. I have studied here since I was on grade 7 and I love my friends and teachers as they are kind to me and helping me in many things. I enjoy my study here so much. To me, I like to study Science because it is fun and I love to work in the lab because I can learn from the real thing it is very excited.

Apart from study, I love to join the orchestra club. I like to play the violin. I love it very much and I get very good friends there. The most impression thing in this school is that I join the orchestra concert of school. I am very proud of it. One more activity is that I also do the ballet at the school, I started to learn when I was young and I think it is very good thing. Many friends and teachers at school tell me that I am friendly and kind and I always help my friend when they have problems.

I like to join the student exchange program because I want to learn a new culture or language from the local people and getting new experience from other country. I choose Germany because this country is a great combination between old ways and new ways. Germany is well known with history and technology as there are many old buildings, great music, beautiful nature and German is well known about advance technology so I think this is very good opportunity for me to improve my experience and my knowledge from my host family, new friends, thing around me . What I need is that host family who are welcome me, teaching me what to do or not to do and love me like a new member. I ready to learn the thing you will teach me I will be a good person, and love you as my family. I think this letter will help you to get some more idea about me and I will do my best when I am in new family and the program. If I have a mistake I ready to modify and learn from that. I believe that I could be the better person after I am exchange student.

Finally, I like to say Danke or thank you for your time to read my letter

Nicha Lapsomboonying (Anda)