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Michele aus Italien

Dezember 2021 – Juni 2022

17 Jahre alt

Top Hobbies: Volleyball, Skifahren, Wandern


Michele ist bereits in  Deutschland und sucht ab Dezember 2021 eine neue Gastfamilie!


Liebe Gastfamilie,

so here we are! Time to write down my life.

Ich heiße Michele und komme aus Italien. Ich bin 17 Jahre alt. In unserer Familie sind wir zu fünft: meine Eltern, mein Bruder, meine Schwester und ich.

Meine Geschwister leben nicht mit mir, denn meine Schwester ist 22 und studiert in der Nähe von Mailand und mein Bruder ist 25 und studiert in Zürich. Deshalb habe ich in den letzten Jahren allein mit meinen Eltern in einer Stadt in Norditalien gewohnt. Aber wir sind alle gern zusammen, wenn es möglich ist, und wir haben viel Spaß.

Do you want to know something more? Well, I'm afraid I have to say it in English.

So let’s talk about my week routine (before Covid-19) …

Usually, I wake up at 7:30, and I have breakfast, with milk and cereals or sandwiches. Then I walk to school, it takes at least 10/15 minutes, after this walk I’m seriously awake and I’m ready for the lessons!

I’m a high school student, and in my school, we have to change classrooms for each subject, because we have a lot of labs for Physics, Chemistry, IT and Arts. That’s cool because we have a little break, and it gives us the opportunity to talk with everyone and not only with best friends.

After three hours there is a larger break, and then we have other three hours and finally, we go home. My favourite subjects are Math, Physics and Chemistry because I’m really interested in how the world works and especially amazed by the universe.

After lunch, I have a bit of free time and then I do my homework. When I’m done I move to my desk, where I can express my creativity: sometimes I design useful objects, which I can print with my 3d printer; other times I build strange electronics objects which I assemble together with the prints; sometimes I just sit and listen to music, usually classical music. I love music: I learnt to play the violin when I was younger, and ukulele for fun and piano as well.

Late afternoon: time to go to the volleyball training! I really enjoy playing it especially all the strategies and all the different ways to score points. I find it cool, because you have to organize the entire team, sometimes the intricated plan that someone thought to score simply doesn’t work, but when it does it’s really cool and satisfying. Volleyball also taught me the power of teamwork, which is very important during the game and also in the real life.

And now let’s jump to the weekend.

On Saturdays, when I can, I go skiing or hiking (wandern!) with my father. He taught me how to ski when I was very young, and I really like it; we have a toll of fun when my siblings also come. Recently my dad also introduced me to ski mountaineering: it’s a bit tiring, but I love it. In ski mountaineering, you do not have to follow the slopes and it’s very exciting, but you have to stay focused.

In the evening I usually hang out with my friends and I like to talk to them because our conversations can start from the last facts happened in the school to the last facts happened in the world and we have a lot of fun. Usually, our conversations are not too serious, there is always a place for a laugh.

I’m a boy scout and on Sundays sometimes we have meetings. Sometimes we talk about recent events and themes, and sometimes there’s also the “adventure” part, so yeah, we climb mountains, go trekking and sleep in tents. I enjoy being a scout because it combines two things that I like: one is mountains and the other is going for adventures with my friends far from home. It’s like having a second family with values such as loyalty, duty, friendship and helping each other.

My scout group also gave me the opportunity to participate in the Jamboree-2019, a World Scout Meeting, which took place in the US (West Virginia). There were about 45000 young scouts from all over the world, and I got the chance to meet German scouts too. It was fantastic: an infinity of different cultures gathered in a single place, and everybody was happy and ready to talk to everyone.

It’s a little bit difficult to conciliate volleyball and scout because sometimes they happen to be at the same time, so I have to choose between playing a match or going to scout.

I love travelling, in fact during the holidays my family and I like to go to the seaside or to the mountains. Often we organize trips abroad or we go sightseeing in interesting places in my Country that not all tourists know. When we go to the seaside I love staying with my friends and playing beach volley with them; in the mountains, I love to go climbing or trekking.

In summer I also spend a week at my grandpa’s home, and it’s cool because he tells me all the stories about his life, and they’re very fascinating. We also have fun and it’s a good opportunity to stay together, now that we live in different cities.

I like summer because I have a lot of free time, and I can totally dedicate myself to things that excite me like space, spaceships, modern Physics issues and building electronic things… but also cycling, hanging out with my friends and making pizza.

Now everything is a little bit different… with the covid-19 my out-door activities have decreased and video calls increased. During the first lockdown, I always kept myself busy, and I had fun with my parents and also with my siblings, friends and grandparents with video calls, and I also improved my cooking skills. However, I really hope that these difficult times will end as soon as possible.


So, warum Deutschland?

2013 hat mein Bruder ein Jahr in den USA gelebt und als er zurückgekommen ist, habe ich auch ein Jahr da wohnen wollen. Durch das Jamboree habe ich viele Kulturen getroffen, deshalb hat mein Wille, die Welt näher kennenzulernen, zugenommen. Also habe ich entschieden, in Europa zu bleiben, weil ich verschiedene Sprachen sprechen und auch verschiedene Kulturen kennenlernen möchte.

Freunde von mir haben mir von Deutschland erzählt und dann habe ich gewählt: Ich will nach Deutschland! Heute (30/12/2020) ist fast ein Jahr nach meiner Entscheidung vergangen und seit fünf Monaten lerne ich sehr intensiv Deutsch. Mich faszinieren sehr wissenschaftliche Innovationen und neue Technologien und Deutschland ist dafür berühmt. Sicherlich würde ich in einem Jahr in Deutschland bei einer Familie sehr viel über das Land und die Leute lernen.

Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen, in einer netten Familie zu leben und vielleicht zusammen ein paar Grillpartys zu machen ;)


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