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Mathurin aus Italien

Januar 2022 – Juni 2022

17 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Mountainbiken, Freunde treffen, Videospiele spielen, Luftfahrt
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergien: Nein

Hello my name is Mathurin,

I'm 17 years old and wish to do an exchange in Germany. Because in this world, you must speak many languages as you can. And to speak german what is better than going few months in germany?For my job, I would like to be a pilot. I already start to learn how to drive planes and it's a part of all the best experience I have.To be a pilot you have to do a school for it, and I have two choices. I can got to a specific school in France "Lenac" or doning a school in Zurich in swizerland. For this second option, I must speak and write German.
For my hobbies, I like to go out with friends and spend time with them. I am also in a montain bike club and every saturday we meet up and go biking for 4 hor 5 hours. I really like that and it will be very dificult for me to stop it. I love sport, in winter I ski every week end. We are lucky to live near montains. I also love cars, mecanichal.
At home I'm living with my two parents and two sisters. Garance is the greater and she is 20, she is studying in London and Annabelle is 15. I've got 3 rabits and two turtles. I realy like pets and esspecialy my pets. I m a little bit shy, but if I am in confidence I can be very funny.
Thank you very much,
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best regards,