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Martina T. aus Italien

August 2022 - Juni 2023

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Flöte und Klavier spielen, wandern, Skifahren
Vegetarier: Ja
Allergie: Nein


Dear host family,

Ich heiße Martina, ich bin sechzehn Jahre alt und ich wohne im Aostatal, einer kleinen Region in Norditalien.

Meine Familie besteht aus meinem Vater Davide, der neunundvierzig Jahre alt ist und Ingenieur ist; meine Mutter Marinella ist neunundvierzig Jahre alt und Krankenschwester ist; und meine jüngere Schwester Giorgia, sie ist zwölf Jahre alt und ihr liebstes Hobby ist Basketball.

Ich besuche ein Sprachgymnasium, dienstags bis freitags sechs Stunden täglich (von 8 bis 13.20 Uhr) und montags neun Stunden.

Oe of my hobbies is music: I go to the conservatory five times a week, I play the flute and the piano. In fact, my biggest dream is becoming an Orchestra Director, so after High School I want to continue my studies in Music.

I chose a language High School for this reason too. As a matter of fact, an Orchestra Director travels a lot, therefore having a good linguistic preparation is essential.

So, I would like to be able to find a music school or an orchestra to join them in Germany as well.

My favorite genre is Rock Music. I listen to a lot of old bands, like: Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead, Beatles and many others. I love listening to vinyls on the turntable.

My musical taste also influences my way of being. I love everything about the 70s and 80s, actually my style is very vintage: I like to reuse old clothes from my grandmother or buy in thrift stores.

I also love watching movies. My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino: I really like his action films.

I’m very passionate about mountains, in fact I love the place where I live. I also have a second home, in Val d’Ayas, where my grandparents live. We go there very often in the summer, on Christmas holidays and sometimes on weekends.

Im Sommer mache ich viele Spaziergänge mit meinem Vater und wir gehen oft in Schutzhütten und im Winter gehen wir Ski.

I also spend a lot of time with my friends. We usually go out on weekends as we don't have school. We eat together, we go out in the center or to the cinema; I love hanging out with them, especially after a stressful week of school.

If they were to describe me they would surely say that I am a very determined and ambitious person: I hardly give up. They would also say that I am not very patient, I want everything immediately, in fact it is a side of my appearance that I am improving on.

I am very extroverted and open minded, I have no problems meeting new people or including them in my group of friends.

So I think that this exchange year is the perfect experience for me, I've never had any doubts about this.

Last thing that I want to tell you it’s that I’m vegetarian. It’s been two years since I have decided to change my eating habits, even if I am the only one in my family, I have never had any problems. I can adapt and eat everything that is proposed to me, apart from meat and fish.

So anyway, vegetarian or not, I hope to get on well with you, but I know it will be this way. I also hope that this will be the same for you and that you will get on well with me as well.

I can not wait to meet you.

See you soon, danke,