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Ausland macht schlau!

Marja-Terttu aus Finnland

August 2022 - Juni 2023

17 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Pfadfinder, Fitness, Badminton
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Pollen



I'm so grateful that you're intrested in hosting me. My name is Marja and I'm a 16-year-old girl from Finland, from Tampere to be specific. I have mom, dad and two older sisters. We are really close as a family even though all us children have moved away from home. I moved on my own at 15 so I would describe myself as quite independent for my age. The reason I'm on this program is that I have always been very adventurous and an exchange seemed like a perfect way to experience something new. I chose Germany as my contry of destination because it's not so far away and when I once visited it I fell in love with the country. I look forward to learn to speak almost fluent German and to have a trip to remember.

I have studied German for almost eight years. Even though I can speak and understand German somehow my English is way better - at least for now. My goal is to have my German skills at least on the same level as my English. In school I have never had any problems and my favorite subjects have always been foreign languages and math. In the end of comprehensive school I even got a scholarship from foreign languages. Right now I'm on the first grade of upper secondary school.

In the spare time I try to relax as much as I can.
To me that means spending time with my friends and hobbies. I love spending time in the nature and therefore scouting has been my most important hobby for eight years and counting. Right now I'm leading a group of eight young enthusiastic scouters. Another thing I couldn't get by without is sports. I really like watching them, especially ice hockey, but first of all I love to do sports. I play badminton and go to the gym regularly. Most of winter sports like skating or downhill skiing go to my favourite ones too. When I have the time I like to do something carefree like puzzels or painting. I also like animals a lot but unfortunately my family is allergic to most animals, therefore we have never had any pets. I am allergic to cats.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,