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Lavínia aus Brasilien

August 2022 - Juni 2022

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Segeln, Tennis, Musik, Natur
Vegetarier: Nein 
Allergien: Nein


Liebe Gastfamilie,

Before anything else, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Ich heiße Lavínia. Ich wohne in Curitiba, einer großen Stadt im Süden Brasiliens. Es ist eine sehr angenehme Stadt mit vielen Grünflächen. Ich bin als Einzelkind aufgewachsen. Als ich 7 Jahre alt war, wurden meine Eltern geschieden und heirateten wieder. Ich habe eine großartige Beziehung zu beiden Familien. Ich lebe mit meiner Mutter und meinem Stiefvater, aber ich besuche meinen Vater an den Wochenenden. Ich lebe auch mit meinen Hunden Alaska & Bera und meiner Katze Harry. Im Moment beginne ich das zweite Trimester meines 11. Schuljahres. Ich studiere an einer internationalen Vollzeitschule.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my mother, my step-father and I have been social distancing and I only have had only had considering the country’s situation. Since then, we have been living in our beach house located in a very small town named Governador Celso Ramos. This city, with its beautiful nature is very special to me, and definitely has an important place in my heart. I spent my free time in quarantine doing my favorite activities and hobbies: swimming, playing tennis, watching films, going on walks, runs and studying. I love to play tennis!

I would consider myself as a reserved, respectful, positive, independent, kind and responsible person. I am not shy though, I am really friendly! I am considerate, tolerant, even-tempered and really value other people’s feelings, beliefs and points of views; I never look for conflicts and disagreements! I can say that I have a calm, disciplined, easy-going and polite behavior, being an extremely easy and quiet person to live with, respecting your space and rules. In addition, I like to keep a communicative, honest, trustworthy and open relationship with everyone around the house, as trust, and consideration are very important traits to me. I prefer to communicate and solve a problem instead of ignoring it, as I always try to make the most out of every situation.

Ich habe noch nie im AusIand gewohnt. I have only had international experiences on holidays and through traveling. However, I do not think I would have issues. Since I have divorced parents, I am used to spend time apart from both of them, so I am not emotionally dependent on them. I understand that I will go through changes and difficulties might happen, but I am undoubtedly serious about respecting and adapting to Germany’s culture, morals and laws, and willing to be involved into my program. In case I face a difficulty during my exchange program, I am sure I will solve it with maturity, kindness and respect. I also expect that the first days or even weeks will be hard, but as I can easily adapt to new environments, I’m sure I will get along with my new routine.

Furthermore, you will note on my medical information that I take daily medicine. I take the smallest dose possible of Duloxetine, and a considerably small dose of Lurasidone. Please note that I do not and had never presented major depressive symptoms, and yet, before the medicine, just presented symptoms such as lack of energy to perform physical and school activities. I am stable and this is not a factor that could interfere in my exchange year - I am doing great for a year now, as the medicine helps me to stay this way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I sincerely appreciate all of your support, time and effort for hosting me and making my exchange program to happen. I am very excited to meet you and I can’t wait to be a part of the family!

Liebe Grüße,