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Katharina aus Italien

Januar 2022 - Juni 2022

17 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Pfadfinder, in der Natur sein, wandern, Musik hören, schwimmen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergien: Leichte Hausstauballergie


Katharina möchte gerne bei einer Familie im Norden Deutschlands leben.


Dear host family,
Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Katharina and I am 17 years old. My mum is Italian and my dad is German. I was born on the 12th June 2004 in Greifswald, Germany. When I was one year old we moved to Australia and we lived there for three years. In 2008 we moved to Italy and that's where I've been living ever since. I live on Lake Como in a town called Lecco.

I live with my mum, my sister and my step-dad. My mum's name is Franca. She is a loving and very charismatic person who loves to travel and has friends all over the world, who often come visit us here. She is an English teacher. I got my passion for foreign languages, countries and people from her. My sister is 13 and her name is Josefine. She is quite mature for her age so even though there's a four year age gap between us, we get along very well. She loves reading and playing the flute and she is very smart and funny. My step-dad's name is Andrea. He is a caring and loving person and he's been a part of my family for a very long time. He is an engineer. My dad lives in Germany and his name is Sven. He's a mathematician. He and my mum got divorced when I was six. Many films represent divorce as a tragic event for children, but it never really affected me and I never lived it as a negative experience. My sister and I visit him once or twice a year and every Monday we call him on the phone to keep him updated on our latest news and to keep in touch. He speaks lots of languages fluently, but he only speaks Italian to us. When people see that I have a German name, that my dad is German and that I was born in Germany, they immediately assume I speak German fluently when in reality that's not really the case.

As I mentioned before, between the ages of one and four years old I lived in Australia, which means that I was living in an English speaking country with my mum who talked to me in Italian and my dad who sometimes talked to me in German. So I grew up learning three languages. When we moved to Italy I started speaking only Italian so I “lost” my English and German knowledge. I've gained back my English by learning it in school, listening to music and watching Netflix and YouTube. In middle school I also started learning German again and now in high school I am learning English, German and French.
I can't deny that it is easier to learn German for me then it is for my classmates; I've been more exposed to the language. With my grandma for example I only speak German because that's the only language she knows. I understand almost everything she says but sometimes I find it hard to answer even though I understood the question.
Every year my family and I also visit a friend in a town close to Freiburg. But even though I’ve been exposed to German more then my classmates, I don't speak it fluently. This is also one of the reasons, if not the main reason, I would like to spend a semester in a German family. My name is German and half of my family is German but I don' feel very German myself. I would love to learn the language better and to reconnect with my roots.

Let's talk a bit about what I usually do in a day. I wake up, have breakfast and go to school. I usually have six subjects a day. I like my teachers, they are very human. During the break I spend my time talking with my friends while walking through the school hallways. At 1 PM school finishes and I go home. I'm usually home alone for lunch and I make myself some pasta or a piadina.
After lunch I like to relax a bit and listen to some music or watch interviews to my favourite celebrities. Then I study a bit and do my homework and then I usually spend time with my sister and with my family.
We never had a tv and we don't miss it. When we watch movies we use the computer. Sometimes in the afternoon I meet my friends and we walk around Lecco talking and eating an ice- cream. I get along with everyone I know, but there's three girls that I consider to be my closest friends: Anna, Sara and Federica. Sara and Federica are classmates of mine. Anna is in my scout group and we've known each other since we were 8. We are very down to earth girls and we love to have deep conversations about the future and the present. I am interested in environmental issues. This year Federica and I worked on a project to clean up our school garden and provide each class with recycling bins. We also cleaned up some parks and beaches in Lecco.

At the weekends I usually meet with my scout group. There are lots of mountains here so we usually go hiking or we spend time getting to know each other better. Being in a scout group has been one of the best things in my life, since it allows me to build long lasting friendships and a strong bond with amazing people in my area.
We have a family house in the mountains and me and my family like to spend our time there in weekends and on holiday. When we are there I like to play cards with my grandpa, go on little adventures, pick berries, have pic-nics, read and look at the stars at night. Something I like about trips with my family is that we have lots of CDs we like to listen to in the car. I love listening to music and I even played some instruments at some point.
When I was in elementary school I played the clarinet for 2 years and a couple of years ago I took piano lessons for a year. Now I don't play anymore but who knows? Maybe in the future I will start again. In the past I used to swim (which I liked, even though I'm not very good at it) and for a year I played volleyball (which I didn't like). Right now I don't play any sports, but I still consider myself to be a quite active person because I walk a lot to get to places (school, scouts, meeting my friends…).

I'm looking forward to meeting you and making new friends in Germany.
Greetings, Katharina