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Ausland macht schlau!

Jui aus Taiwan

August 2021 - Juni 2022

15 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Joggen, Musik hören und musizieren, Filme sehen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Nein

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Guten Tag!Hallo!

Ich bin Jui. And I go by Ray as my English name. I am a fifteen-year-old teenager who live in Taichung, which is one of the three biggest cities in Taiwan. Currently I am a grade 9 student in The Affiliated High School Of TungHai University, which is also located in Taichung City and it’s a meaningful place to me. I come from a family of four, including my parents and my younger brother. My dad, Joe, is a freelance engineer. He is a shy but knowledgeable man, and we often talk about domestic or world news when we spend time together. As for my mom, Phyllis, is a manager in a self-run hand tool factory. She is a sociable and energetic woman, and we usually watch movies or listen to music together; we both like country music. Speaking of my brother, however, he is thirteen-year-old adorable friend to me. We have lots of things in common: we go to the same school, and we both like playing badminton and tennis. Although he’s a trouble maker sometimes, we still get along with each other fairly well. On weekends, my family and I go shopping or read books in a bookstore when we are free. We also travel abroad around twice a year, and Japan is often our top destination.I cherish all the time being with my family, and I am lucky to be born in such a lovely family.

Thanks for the experiences to travel to foreign countries and 3-weeks Australia homestay course, I really love the western education method more than Asian’s. I can try more different courses and discuss my thoughts with teachers in Australia school. In Taiwan, teachers just keep lecturing and students keep taking notes and prepare tests every day.

Meanwhile, my grandparents from my Mom’s side, they’ve done business with customers all over the world for more than 40 years. They told me the engineering and mechanism system of German is the best in the world. Especially, Germany’s car industry is amazing. My mom’s family only drive cars made-in-Germany, like Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Now, my dad’s family also change to Germany brand car from Japan brand car. Also, I’m interested in mechanism structure toys, like Lego and model doll, it is challenged to build up the Lego model and model doll, I enjoy the process. That’s why I want to go to Germany to realize how German train themselves in logical thinking. And my family fully support me to apply the program.

The subjects I’m interested include Language, History, Sports, Applied Science, Structure Design, Handicraft Art. I’m still looking for which one is the favorite one. I hope I have chance to try more and deeper in Germany. My teachers like me, because I always interact with them and not be hesitated to ask questions. Especially my Madeiran and English teachers, they tell my parents they enjoy my participation in the class. So, I also become class leader this year. I learn to be more responsible and communicative with my classmates.

A bit more about myself, I am a sociable and inquisitive person. Inherited from my mom, I enjoy interacting with all different kinds of people. When meeting new people, I often initiate a conversation actively and would like to know more about them. I am also a person full of curiosity. I would ask people for advice or search for information until I get the answer. Meanwhile, I am also open-mind to foreign cultures. My hobbies are various, such as sports, movies, music, travel, play violin and piano, try new things and food, play with friends. It would be great if I can go to school and play with homestay brothers or sisters, who have similar interests as me. I believe it will be a hard year for me to live without my parents in a foreign country.

Frankly speaking, I am nervous, but also very excited. From the experiences of former students’ sharing, it is worth to go for it. I expect to know more about myself this year. I can find out my interest and make it become my career in the future. On the other hand, I hope I can show Taiwan’s culture to a German host family and schoolmates. Let more people understand Taiwan and like it.

Mit freundlichen Grüße

Sincerely Yours,