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Ausland macht schlau!

Hugo aus Schweden

August 2022 - Juni 2023

17 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Pfadfinder, Kochen, Skifahren, Camping, Bergsteigen, Kardio-Training, Segeln, Abenteuer
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Pollen, Tierhaare und Nüsse

Hallo liebe Gastfamilie!

To start things of, I feel the need to say that I would've wanted to write this letter completely in German, but I'm afraid I will mess up some formulation and don't get across what I want to say. However, I hope that I will have the German skills to write a letter like this after a year in Germany. Now when that's out of the way, lets get started with this letter.

Ich heiße Hugo und ich bist eine Siebzehn jähre alt Junge der in einer Wohnung mit meinen Eltern, jüngeren Schwester und jüngeren Bruder lebt. Ich möchte mir selbst als eine abenteuerliche Person beschreiben, und ein Beispiel ist, das ich finde zu meiner Stadt ausforschen sehr spannend und spaß. Um jede Ecke können Sie neues spannend Dinge finde! Als eine alte kleine Second Hand Geschäft, oder eine sehr cool Lasertag Arena. Dies ist jedoch nicht so abenteuerlich wie ich versprochen habe, sondern es ist in die Skipiste Sie diese Seite von mir finden können. Ich liebe Skifahren! Jeder Ferien in dem Winter fahren ich entweder zu die Nördlichen Bergen im Schweden, oder zu den italienischen Alpen wo meine Familie hat eine Wohnung. Jedoch können ich nicht in meinen Alltag Skifahren, so ich gehe nach die Kletternhall zu für diesem Verlust in Nervenkitzel kompensieren. Ich gehe immer da mit meine beste Freund Albert, wir haben jetzt klettert für einen Jahre, und wir finde es sehr spaß! Ich verbringe neben Skifahren und klettern viele Zeit an Pfadfinder und ich habe für Zehn Jahre ein Mitglied bin. Ich habe einige meiner besten Freunde am Pfadfinderlagern gefunden, und darüber war ich letzte Jahr befördert nach eine Pfadfinderleiter. Dass meint, dass ich planen und ausführt Treffen jede Woche für 20 Neun nach Zehn Jahre alte Kinders.

Now you've gotten to know a bit about me and my day-to-day life, but I guess you're still wondering why I got Germany in my sight. Well, the answer is actually quite simple, I'm just really fascinated by Germany. This is going to sound dull, but I've always found a fascination for engineering, and you're probably familiar with Germany having a reputation to have good engineers. Let's take your cars for example, cars are an amazing engineering feat, and I can't think of any country known for having better cars than you guys. As you probably can guess, I'm aiming for a career in that kind of area, and therefore I find German language skills to be of merit. However, this isn't the whole truth; the more exciting answer is that I really like speaking German. Let me explain. Last year I finished my German studies, which means that im not taking any German classes this year. What I realised this year is that I really miss speaking German, I genuinly thought it was fun. On top of that I really want to learn German fluidly. Altough I did have the option to take extra German lessons this year, I don't think that would've been enough to learn German fully. On top of that I would've only gotten to speak German once a year. By going to Germany I'll get to speak German all the time! That's why I'm going.

You know what I think would be fun? What if I try to predict a normal day where I'm living with you, this is going to be hard since I don't really know anything about you yet. The day will probably begin with some breakfast, I guess German breakfast isn't all that different from Swedish. So, I'll cook something quick, maybe porridge, or just a sandwich if I'm feeling tired and lazy. Some time later, after we've shared and discussed our plans for the day, I'll somewhat hurriedly go to school. If that's by bus, a walk or zipline I don't know, although a zipline would be cool. The school day will probably go great, maybe a German lesson to start, followed by a math lesson. There I can rest with all the German talking and writing, since math mostly consists of signs instead of words. Then I'll maybe do something fun with my friends after school, go hang out at their place, or explore a newly opened secondhand store in the city. At last, I'll get home, and if I'm allowed, I might want to cook some Swedish dish that you guys get to try for dinner. During dinner we'll discuss our day, and someone will excitedly tell a story of how they met a local celebrity that day, and I will confused ask who that is. Then we'll end the day by half committed watch some German talent show on tv.

That was just me letting my imagination run wild, and I know that we will have a great year, even if our days doesn't look anything like that day I just portrayed. I really look forward meeting you, and I hope you found my letter not only informative but maybe even a bit entertaining to read!

Liebe grüße // Hugo