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Ausland macht schlau!

Huan-Yu aus Taiwan

August 2021-Juni 2022

15 Jahre alt

Top Hobbies:LesenMusik hören und Museen besuchen

Vegetarier: Nein

Allergie: Nein


Lieber host family,

Hello, my name is Huan-Yu, and my English name is Christine.

I come from a subtropical island between the Pacific Ocean and China, below Japan and above PhillippinesMy country is small and unique. There're a lot of beaches, high mountains, and waterfalls. 

Es gibt vier Leute in meiner Familie, meine Eltern und meine Schwester.

Meine Mutter arbeitet als Lehrerin. Vor 15 Jahren war sie Flugbegleiterin. Mein Vater ist Angestellter. Meine 18 Jahre alte Schwester ist in der Ausbildung zur Krankenschwester. Ich bin 14 Jahre alt und noch in der Mittelschule.

MyparentsareverykindThey always tell me to be a better person. Be sincere and polite to everyone. My sister is also very nice to me. We always help each other and spend time together. My father taught me to play badminton, table tennis, and swimming. He likes to take us to camp. My mother likes to take us to visit the museum. They often help me to get in touch with different interests. We like to visit my grandmother at the weekend; my grandma can cook very well, and I like to stand beside her to chat and to learn how to cook.

My personality is outgoing and reliable. My friends often say that I am a people person, team player, and go-getter. I am a person who loves learning new things and traveling around. I also respect different ideas and different sounds. This summer, I went to Philippines to learn English. I have made many friends from different countries and got a lot of friendship. I always keep good grades at school, because I concentrate when I learn. My classmates and I help and concern each other all the time. They are my good friends too. I am so lucky because the people around me are very nice. I like to visit the solemn and sacred cathedral and castle because the building is very beautiful and delicate. I admire the craftsmen who used their life and soul to sculpt such beautiful sculptures with their artistic talent. Besides, I also like to close to nature, for example, hiking and picnic. I also interest in the ancient object, chemistry, culture, technology... My mom said I am a curious girl. I am also a sporty girl. I like to participate in the school’s sports activities like a class sports competition.

In exchange year, I want to study in different ways of education in school in Germany. German education takes precedence over thinking not only testing, and also focus on group reporting. I want to learn how to express my opinion in front of people, analytic statistics, and organize different thought. These abilities can help me get closer to my dream. At school, my favorite subject is biology, chemistry, and history. I hope my future job will relate to these subjects.

I like to get along with people because we can learn a lot of things from others no matter their ages or positions. I have been to Germany. There are many castles maintained. I think the government does a good job to protect ancient and treasure these properties. The appearance of the German looks a little bit cautious, but when I talk to them proactively. I found that they are very nice to me and help me to solve the problem. Once I chatted with an old couple on the train, they are very friendly and also taught me some German, although I only stayed in Germany for a few days, I full in love with this amazing country.

Agriculture, commerce, and industry are developing very well in Germany, and protect the environment and develop green energy. Germany is a role model for many countries. Especially education is perfect. During the exchange year, I want to learn more German local culture, history and feel the snowy weather (I have never seen snowing). I also want to share my culture and Asian history with my host family.

I will leave my parents for the exchange to Germany. It’s a challenge for me, but I know I will be stronger and maturer. Thank you very much for providing this valuable opportunity. I am so grateful you give me the chance to explore a great and beautiful country, enrich my life, let me see the different world and widen my horizons, I will never forget your kindness.

Herzliche Grüße