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Ausland macht schlau!

Giulio aus Italien

August 2020 - Juni 2021

16 Jahre alt
Hobbies: Basketball, Fahrrad fahren, Ski fahren, lesen, Fußball spielen
Vegetarier: nein
Allergie: nein


Dear Host Family, 

Thank you for hosting me a whole year in Germany. It really means a lot to me! 

My name is Giulio and I’m sixteen years old. I want to live in Germany for one year because I love German culture and I want to learn a new language. Furthermore, I think that being fully immersed in a situation outside of my comfort zone can deeply affect a person, making me more adaptable, open-minded and well-traveled. I want to try something different, eat new food and meet people from another part of the world. I really hope this experience will make me more outgoing and more fluent in German… but the most important thing to me is the journey, not the destination! 

I’m from Italy and my family is made of five people: me, my dad Marcello, my mom Roberta, my brother Fabio, my sister Giovanna and our little dog, Frisbee. My dad works in the tax office of the municipality of our little village, while my mother is an IT technician and teaches coding to little kids. Since we’re so many in the house, everybody has to help with the housework, otherwise it would be a complete mess! I’m usually in charge of unloading the dishwasher, setting up the table and cleaning the floor, but tasks can vary from day to day. 
My family has hosted three exchange students, from Germany, Chile and Finland, so we know what it’s like to host too! We really like to travel abroad, try new foods, discover new cultures and meet people from other countries. 
I have a lot of interests. I really like all team sports, but my favorite is basketball and I play it in a club near my city. I play in both the Under 16 and Under 18 teams: we do two practices per week and we play games in the weekend. When I don’t get a chance to play, I like to watch basketball games: I’m a big fan of the NBA! I also like to help out at the gym, mainly by keeping the score at the referee table. I like soccer too, and in the summer, I go cycling and walking with my family. 
Since we live in the mountains, in the winter it’s often snowy and I love skiing with my friends. When I don’t really feel like running or sweating I enjoy reading books of all sorts, watching TV and playing video games. I like to go out with my friends during the weekend, playing basketball in the driveway with my brother and I enjoy talking and discussing about all kinds of topics. 
I join a lot of my school’s afternoon classes and projects, mainly the ones about technology, robotics, coding and science. My school is pretty hard, and it takes great determination and a lot of study time, but I like it anyway. I am calm and polite, but I joke a lot and I have quite a bit of self-irony. I get along very well with other people and my friends would describe me as an open-minded, humorous and friendly person, who likes sports a lot. 
Thanks for finding the time to read my letter, can't wait to meet you!