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Gabriele aus Italien

August 2021 - Januar 2022

16 Jahre alt

Top Hobbies: Sport, lesen, kochen

Vegetarier: Nein

Allergie: Nein 


Gabriele möchte gerne bei einer Gastfamilie in Norddeutschland leben

Dear Family, 

ich stelle mich kurz vor. Ich heiße Gabriele, ich bin sechzehn Jahre alt und ich wohne in einer kleinen Stadt im Norditalien, in der Nähe von Mailand. Diese kleine Stadt heißt Merate (if you are curious about it you can search for it in the web), liegt im Grünen, umgeben von Hügeln, wo ich gerne radfahre oder laufe. I live in a quite large flat in a nice house, I'm very lucky because I have got my own bedroom where I can rest and study in peace and silence. In fact I like reading and studying a lot. 

Ich besuche das elften Schuljahr im Giovanni Falcone neusprachliches Gymnasium im Bergamo. Meine Schule ist ziemlich weit weg von meinem Haus, also stehe ich jeden Morgen früh auf und fahre mit dem Bus zur Schule. Die Reise dauert circa eine Stunde. I truly like my school, I’ve chosen it because I am keen on foreign cultures and languages. Here I study three different languages: German, English and Chinese. I decided to learn German and especially Chinese because I think they are really useful for my future and because I am fascinated by German and Chinese culture. In my high school I also study other subjects like Maths, History and Philosophy. I all don’t mind because I really like learning and improving my knowledge. For this reason I am a rather good student, I usually get quite high marks. After high school I want to attend the university but I haven’t decided what to choose yet. If possible in Germany I would like to attend a high school similar to my gymnasium so that I can keep the same study level as in Italy and follow a similar program. 

Ich bin schon einmal in Deutschland lange geblieben. Ich war für sechs Wochen Gast einer Familie in Bayern, in der Nähe von Nürnberg und ich hatte dort die Sprachschule besucht. Diesesmal möchte ich im Nord-Deutschland leben und auch diesen Teil des Landes besser kennen. Ich besuche gerne neue Städte und liebe neue Leute kennenlernen.

Upon school, I have a lot of interests, I am a very active boy. I like sports: three times a week I do athletics and on weekends or on Holiday I usually ride my bike with my friends in open air or play football with my brother. I am a bookworm too, I especially really like reading historical and classical books. I am also interested in cooking, every week I make pizza dough and sometimes I bake cakes. At the end, I really like spending time with my friends. We have a beautiful relationship. We have known each other since primary school so we are all very close. We usually meet together once a week, on Saturdays. We like going out together, chatting, eating in a restaurant or meeting in someone’s house. A few years ago we also shared the passion for the music. We had a band where we played all together. I was the frontman and sometimes I played the guitar too. Now I am a singer in the choir of my high school.

My relationship with my family is also good. My father and my mother are very kind, we have an awesome relationship of dialogue and debate, they always support and help me as much as they can. They are very ambitious and they want the best to happen to me. I usually seek their help when I am in a difficult situation. We spend a lot of time together especially during the weekend simply watching a good film on tv or in summer when we take up our holiday by travelling in Italy or abroad. We all very like visiting new cities, museums, interesting sites and I really enjoy these experiences shared together. My brother is fantastic. He is truly kind and peaceful. We like chatting together and playing football or games. We also have a cute ginger cat called Shi Fu. 


I think my friends and my family would describe me as a solar, friendly, sympathetic, curious and smart young boy but also as a nervous, fussy and quite short-tempered person. 

I am really excited about attending a year of school abroad. I think it would be a awesome experience which will make me grow a lot and which will make me improve my knowledge about foreign cultures and languages. I hope to enjoy my time over there and to become part of mz guest family to get all the best from this exciting experience. 

I am looking forward to seeing you, 

Gabriele Bonfanti