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Ausland macht schlau!

Francesco aus Italien

September 2021 – November 2021

17 Jahre alt

Top Hobbies: Volleyball, Kochen, TV Serien schauen

Dear Hostfamily,

I am so so glad and I cannot still believe I am currently writing us this letter!

I would like to start by giving a presentation of myself: mein name ist Francesco, ich bin sechzehn Jahre alt und ich wohne in einer kleinen Stadt in die Abruzzen, Italien. Diese Stadt hat eine viele schone Geschichte and it was born during the Roman age. I have lots of friends who live here, and almost everyday we go out together to have a walk or do whatever we want; we also play sport sometimes.

Ich kann mich selbst definieren eine sehr extrovertierter, radiant und hilfsbereiter Typ. I always enjoy spending time with people I love, going out together, having fun and feeling carefree with them, but when I must study, I am on my way to do this. I attend the third class in a linguistic high school, but unfortunately in this period we can't go school because of this pandemic and so, we're doing video lessons. I miss a lot having face-to-face lessons, I miss having a break and talking with my classmates, I miss all of the school.

In meine Familie sind wir drei Personen: meine Mutter, my mother's partner und mich. Meine Mutter ist achtundvierzig Jahre alt und arbeitet in einer kleinen Stadt. My mother's partner ist vierundfunfzig, er ist ein Arzt. My parents have got divorced for seven years, also mein Vater liebt nicht mehr mit mir, aber ich sehe ihn das Wochenende und jedenmal auch freitags. My father is fifty and I have to admit that sometimes we have arguements, but I love him and we get on very well together. Furthermore, I must write three lines about my mother, the most important and the strongest person I've met in my life: she never gives up,I can say all of my life with her, she gives me the best advice and she helps me to find a solution to all the problem I have. My father and my mother met together because she attended the university with my father's cousin, and they were almost best friends.

Ich verbringe so viel der Zeit mit meiner Familie. My father's family live all near me, but my mother's one lives in San Salvo: only my mother moved on Chieti. Anyway, I go visiting the mother's grandparents very often: I love and approach them. Unfortunately, they got a little bit old, but when they were younger, they always came her to visit their daughter and me. I'm not seeing them beause they are scared of the Coronavirus. Reguarding my father's parents, since they live around my same city, I can be with them almost everyday. I also love them and sometimes I can eat with them (not always because of the virus). Ich habe also viele Cousins: four ones by my father's family, alle kleiner als mich, and two by my mother's one, both older than me.

Ich habe viele Sportarten in meine Liebe gemacht, wie Tennis, Fußball oder Gymnastik, aber ich denke, dass mein Lieblingssport ist Volleyball: ich habe Voleyball vor 6 Jahren gespielt. I would like a lot to start playing volleyball in Germany, but if I can't, I hope I will restart playing another time in my life.

Ich habe viele Hobbys dass liebe, als Musik horen, fotografieren, TV series und Films sehen. In particular, I love listening to indie or italian and american rap music. I also would like to read more books, but I have no time because of the school. My favourite genre about books, films and TV series is the yellow one because it makes me much suspance. Ein anderes Hobby ich mag zu machen ist kochen: in meinem Hause, koche ich sehr oft, und jeden Mal mache ich auch die Hausarbeiten, wie der Tisch decken und tidying my room. Ich hoffe dass ich euch bei die Hausarbeiten helfen können werde.

Ich habe viele Wünsche und Träume, und ich denke, dass meine an größten Wunsch ist der Welt sehen, weil ich reisen liebe und möchte ich viele Orte besichtigen, wie Deutschland. Ich bin vor vier Jahren nach USA geflogen, habe New York und Washington besichtigt, möchte ich andere Teilen von USA sehen. Habe ich vor zwei Jahren London besichtigt und war ich sehr froh. I felt stunned from the beauty of these two countries, especially from New York and I hadn't realized yet I really was here. We cannot travel a lot because of this particular situation, but all are waiting for the moment in which all will come back to the normality, to continue doing and enjoying what they want.

I decided to do this experience to learn myself to build a relationship with new people, to try to make a possible changement in my life and enjoy this at all. I really want to be excellent in this wonderful language and I would like to become as a perfect son for my hostfamily, the son who always is helpful. At first, I could seem or also be a little shy, but then I get very happy and determinated. I want to apologize with you if my german won't be perfect and I want to thank you in advance for have choosen me and... ich hoffe dass wir werden die am besten drei Monaten zusammen verbringen!

Bis bald!