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Francesca aus Italien

August 2021 - Juni 2022

16 Jahre alt

Top Hobbies: Tennis, Kochen, Fotografieren

Vegetarier: Nein

Allergie: Nein




Ich heiße Francesca und ich bin 16 Jahre alt. Ich lebe in Oristano, einer kleiner Stadt auf Sardinien. Ich habe eine altere Schwester, Claudia, dass sie 27 Jahre alt ist. Meine Eltern heißen Stefano und Maria Rosaria. Meine Schwester hat einen Abschluss in Rechtswissenschaften und meine Eltern sind beide Polizisten. Jetzt bin ich in der dritten Klasse der Sprachschule. Ich mag Schule, aber ich mag Mathe und Physik nicht, aber ich mag die Geschichte sehr. 


Physically I am of medium height and I think I'm quite nice. My hair is curly and brown and my eyes are light brown, in the light they look green. Oh, and I wear glasses. I am curious, cheerful and also responsible. Sometimes I am a little bit stubborn and I am a bit shy at the beginning when I don't know the person I'm talking with, but then I become a very sociable person and maybe even funny. 


In my free time I like playing tennis, hanging out with my friends, sometimes I like taking pictures, especially to landascapes, but also to people, but the activity I like the most is cooking. I'm still learning (my teacher is my mother, she's the best at cooking) but I know how to cook a lot of things, but my favourite is pizza, it's my favourite food in the world (I was born in Naples, maybe that's why). I like animals and my favourites are dogs. I like also drawing, reading (especially true stories), listening to music and watching films or series, but most series I think, it depends. 


Now my days are very busy and I have lots of things to do. During the morning I'm at school, obviously, but during the afternoon I'm full of activities. First I play tennis, then I go to the guide school, because I'm doing the license for the motorcycle, and finally I go to the English course, because in June I think, I will have the English exam to take the level B2. However, during Summer I usually play beach tennis with a friend of mine because I live near the seaside, so we take the bus and in ten minutes we are there. 


I want to do this experience because I love languages and I want to know other cultures outside of mine. I love travelling and my dream is to travel around the world one day. In my future I want to be a doctor, but if I did not pass the test, I would go to the languages university to become an interpreter. I decided to do this experience also because I want to demonstrate to myself that I can overcome every obstacle and also to become more indipendent. I certainly expect to find some difficulties, especially in the beginning, but I hope you can help me to deal with them. 


I'm very happy and grateful to have the opportunity of doing this experience and of course, I can't wait to meet my future family, I hope you will take me as a part of your own family. 


Can't wait to know you!