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Emma aus Italien

Januar 2022 - Juni 2022

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Malen und basteln, kochen, Klavier spielen

Liebe Gastfamilie,

Ich heiße Emma und Ich komme aus Italien.
Ich lebe mit meiner Mutti, sie heißt Samuela, meinem Vater, er heißt Sergio, meinen zwei Brüdern, sie heißen Guglielmo und Alberto, und einem Hund, er heißt Toby.
Ich lebe in einer kleiner Stadt in der Nähe von Como, in einem Haus auf einem Hügel, von dort aus können Sie die Alpen sehen.
Ich habe viele Hobbies: Ich koche gern, mir gefällt Süßigkeiten backen, Ich mag mit meinen Freunden ausgehen, ich mag Fahrrad fahren und ich bin gerne draussen, ich libe auch Videogames spielen (meine liebsten sind Apex Legends und Cod WW2).

Dear host family,
my name is Emma and I’m from Italy,
I’m 16 years old and 17 when I’ll leave.
I’m a small tiny girl, I have dark brown hair and light green/brown eyes. I have freckles (mostly in summer) and braces.
I live with my mum Samuela, my dad Sergio and my two brothers Guglielmo and Alberto and my doggie Toby.

I live in a small town next to Como, my house is on a hill and from here, you can see the Alps and it’s really pretty; where I live is really quiet and I like very much that.
I am funny and smiling. I am very flexible and able to adapt to every situation.

I have many hobbies: one of my favourites is cooking. I mostly bake sweets but I’m really good at cooking regular meals too: when I was little my dad and my grandma taught me how to cook and now I cook almost every day lunch for my brothers because these months we are studying from home during the covid pandemic, so I cook for my brothers since my mum is at work.

Another thing that I do every day is going on a walk with my dog Toby. I find walking outside very relaxing and usually if I go on a long walk, for maybe an hour, I usually call one of my friends so I don’t feel lonely and because I like talking.
I love animals and if you have a dog, I would be very happy to take him outside for walking a little bit. I sleep with Toby too...so very happy to have another dog in my new bed!
I love all the animals! I never had a cat (because my brother is allergic) but I would be very happy if you have one.

I love playing the piano: I learned how to play it alone at my grandma’s house by just touching the keyboard now I’m rather good (for someone who learned how to play by herself). Playing the piano is super relaxing for me: I like learning new songs and improve myself. The songs, that I am very good at are “gravity falls”, “avana” “pixel” “Per Elisa” “unrevil”...but I will learn more before coming to Germany. If you have a piano inside your home, I will be very happy to play for you, or maybe with you.

As all the teenager, I love spending time with my friends, at school and out of school. These past months have been very hard in Italy: we couldn’t go out and couldn’t go to school for many months and I suffered a lot for this….ok, we had lessons online and I talked a lot with my friends by phone, but I needed to spend real time with my friends, meeting new people and doing all the things that people of my age need to do….I hope that everything will be better in the next months.

I love travelling too! That is another thing that I love doing during summertime: every summer, in August, I travel with my family for two weeks. We love discovering the world! We have visited many cities in Europe, and in the States. I will be very happy to talk to you about the world, and listen to all the places you have visited! I went to Dubai too, three years ago, and I hope can go again with my mother next November, when in Italy is cold and rainy...Dubai is hot and I love that!

Since I have two brothers, one older and one younger, if possible I would like to find a family with other kids...I don’t like so much to be alone...I am used to having a big family all around and hope to find the same in Germany too. Having a sister of my age would be my dream...but I would be very happy anyway, just hope to find a family who loves me and consider me a member of it.

I matured the idea to spend few months abroad in the past years when we hosted au-pair girls from the States: that was my mother’s idea to let me and my brothers learn English in a fun way. She was right and I thought:” When I will be older, I want to spend months abroad to learn a new culture and improve the language”. Since I study German at school, living in Germany can be the best choice for me: a new family, new friends a new language!

I am a polite girl and my mother taught me to be clean and keep clean my room! I am able to do every kind of housework because I think that I must be independent, in the housework too.

I am really excited to live this experience: I am sure this experience abroad will let me grow up as a person, and teach me and perfect a new language! I need your help for that!
I can’t wait to meet you!

See you soon,