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Elena Q. aus Italien

August 2021 - Juni 2022

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Tanzen, Kochen, Zeit mit ihren Freunden und ihrer Familie verbringen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Ja, gegen Katzen



Liebe Gastfamilie,

My name is Elena, from a Greek name which means "sunny, bright" and I think it exactly reflects how I am, my friends always tell me I'm very bright. I’m a sixteen-year-old girl who can’t wait to meet her new family. I have been dreaming of my year abroad for years and I can’t believe my dream is finally coming true! So I’m so excited, I can’t even believe I’m finally writing this letter!

In meiner Familie sind wir 5 Personen. Mein Vater heißt Alessandro und er ist 49 Jahre alt, meine Mutter heißt Stefania und sie ist 48 und beide arbeiten in einer Bank. Ich bin das zweite Kind, meine ältere Schwester heißt Benedetta und sie ist 17, mein jüngerer Bruder ist 9 und er heißt Riccardo.

I get on very well with my sister and we have common interests like dance. I love having a sister my age to talk to when I need to and I hope to have a brother or sister my age in Germany too. I get on well with my brother but he’s too young and we don't have many common interests.

Wir leben alle in einem großen Haus in einer kleinen Stadt in der Provinz Chieti in den Abruzzen. I like living here because it is a very quiet place and it is only 5 minutes away from the city center.

It may sound strange, but I like to wake up early in the morning, get ready and go to school to meet my friends. I attend the linguistic high school in Chieti, and I study English, Spanish and German, so I would like to improve my German. I have no problems in school, I don’t mind studying, my favorite subjects are English, German, Spanish. Why did I choose linguistic high school? I really don't know where my passion for languages comes from, maybe because I've always liked traveling, getting to know new countries and new cultures.

Now, the hardest part: talking about myself!

My character is an oxymoron: I’m shy but also outgoing, I like staying alone but also staying with friends… I don’t know how I am! However, I will try to describe myself: I’m very responsible and everybody can count on me. I’m very spontaneous with everyone! I can be serious and quiet when needed, but I can be talkative and friendly when I’m with my friends on informal occasions. I think I’m a nice girl, I don't like to cause problems to others, so I’m really calm and obedient. I’m rarely sad, I always try to see the glass half full, instead of half empty. I think I can be a good friend and a good daughter, helping you whenever you need a hand, and hoping you’ll do the same with me.

I am very active, in fact I can’t stay without doing anything. I hate wasting my time, even if sometimes it's useful to rest a little bit, so sometimes I just watch some TV.

I’ve been skating for two years, then I’ve been doing rhythmic gymnastics for six years, but 4 years ago I left.I love doing physical activity, in fact I love sports like volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, and I’d like to try new activities.

Before the pandemic, I practiced dance 5 times a week, but now I can’t, so I do exercises to keep fit!

Listening to music is another of my passions. I like watching movies and TV series and I always watch them in their original language so that I can improve. My favorite tv series are: Grey's Anatomy, The O.C. and FRIENDS.

I am very friendly and it is not difficult for me to make friends, so thanks to my character I have many friends.

I usually go out with them on Saturday or Sunday. We usually go around town, or stay at home to see a movie, or go shopping at the mall (I love shopping!). My best friend is called Elena, just like me, and we have been friends since we were 3 years old. Then there is Beatrice, I've only known her for a year but it looks like we have been friends since we were born.

I love spending time with my family, we often watch movies together, or during the summer we go on vacation. The best trips are those in Naples, when we go to visit the family, since my father was born there.

We like to travel, we have been to many places in Italy, Croatia and France. I love traveling and discovering new places and realities that are totally different from the ones I'm in everyday. I like changing my habits and getting used to other cultures so that I can have new experiences and meet new people. I think there is always something to learn from the others, so, after this trip, I know I will be richer thanks to you and to everyone I’ll meet there.

Last but not least, as a good Italian, I love cooking: I usually cook cakes with my little brother. I can't wait to cook Italian dishes for you, so that I’ll be able to bring you a piece of my home, of my Italy.

Even though I have never been away from my family for a long time, I know that I will know how to deal with it and I am ready to do this year abroad. I have never had any doubts about this experience, I am determined and so, I hardly give up.

I found on the web a sentence that completely reflects what I think about exchanges: “Exchange isn’t a year in our life, it’s a life in a year”. I’m not scared of my choices, and I’m ready to face the world around me.

In fact, I know that next year I’ll totally change my way of living, and the best thing about it is that I don’t have any fear of that, because I’m really curious to know new things and to face the world around me.

I hope you will help me realize my dream and live like a true German girl for a year and I wish I’ll feel part of your family and you’ll be proud of me as your daughter.

See you soon!