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Edna aus Norwegen

August 2020 - Juni 2021

Geburtsdatum: 19.03.2003
Top Hobbies:
Handball spielen, Sport treiben, backen
Top Charaktereigenschaften: 
anpassungsfähig, offen, spontan
Deutsch (4 Jahre), Englisch (11 Jahre)
ein Bruder, zwei Schwestern

Vegetarier: Nein

Dear Family

Ich heisse Edna und ich bin 17 Jahre alt. I am a girl who really enjoys being with other people. Most of the time I am a happy and sociable person, and are nice to every person I meet, no matter ethnicity, religion, culture etc.
In my family we are six people, it is me, my 3 siblings, my mom and dad. I am the second youngest child in a sibling group of 4. I have an older sister, Franciska, which is 22 years old. She moved out three years ago, and she is currently taking a bachelor’s degree in leadership and economics. I also have an older brother, Sverre, which is 20 years old and still lives at home. He just finished his apprenticeship as an electrician. The last one is my younger sister, Nanna, that is 14 years old and she goes to junior high. My mom, Unn, is 45 years old and is the leader of a day-care centre. My dad, Sten, is 50 years old and works as a truck driver.

Something that is important to me and that I spend many hours a week doing, is handball. I have played handball nearly since the day I was born, and it has become a big part of my life. Therefore, while I am in Germany, I really want to play handball.
I love training, and days I do not have handball, I use to train strength at training studio. In the summer we can spend many hours a day in our garden, and things we do is to play tennis, badminton, football, jumps on the trampoline and so on. In the winter I mostly like skiing as an outdoor activity, and it fits perfect since we live in Norway where it is much snow.
Because of all the time that goes to work, school and handball, we do not have much time to do activities as a family, but as I mentioned earlier in the letter, we can spend hours a day in our garden when it is summer and go skiing in the winter. Other things we can do together are bowling and watching movies. Also, when we have vacation, we try to plan a trip to a warmer place like Greece, because of the cold weather here. What activities do you like to do?

When I am not busy with handball, school and family, I like to hang out with friends. We are a relatively big group of friends, who actually met at school in the beginning of the school year, and it feels like I have known them much longer than only half a year. Outside school it can be hard to find time when everyone has the opportunity to hang out, in the reason that many of us have a sort of activity or hobby we must be at. Therefore, we try to find days where everyone has the possibility to participate, and organize social gatherings, mostly at the weekends. I also have some friends I have gotten to know from other places than school. I have especially met many new friends through handball, and I hope to get many new friends in Germany.

We live in a smaller city, and it is approximately 25000 citizens. My family and I live nearby everything we need, supermarkets, shopping centers, recreation area, bowling, cinema etc. My school is just about a ten minutes’ walk from home. At my school we are between 600 and 700 students, and in my class, we are 28 students. I will say that the class environment is great and everyone get along. It did not take many weeks before I got new friends.

At home I try to do housework when I have time for it. Some of the things I do can be to vacuum wherever it needs, take out of the dishwasher, and right now I am learning how to wash clothes. We also have a rule in our house which is that when we are finish using something, we must put it away. In this way it will not be that messy. Something that is only my responsibility is to hold my own room clean and tidy and change sheet and bedclothes at my bed regularly.

I am not quite sure what I want to work as in the future. I feel like it is to many exciting possibilities of what I can be and work as, that it is hard to choose only one occupation that will take a big part of your life in many years upcoming. Even though it is hard to choose what I want to be, I have thought of some direction that can be interesting for me. For example a career in law or the police since they seem like occupations which are varied.

The reason why I want to go to Germany is because I want to know more about the culture there and I want to learn more German because I think it is an important language to know. I have also learnt and heard so much nice about Germany through the German lessons, and I have seen a lot of beautiful pictures from the country that I want to experience it and see it with my own eyes.

In the end I just want to say thank you for the opportunity I get living in your house and country for a whole year. I really look forward to get to know you, and I hope we will have a great year together.

With kind regards,