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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Camilla aus Dänemark

Oktober 2020 - Januar 2021

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: schwimmen, Fitness, Gymnastik, Wohltätigkeitsverein, reisen 
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Keine

I am really looking forward to going to Germany for a whole year and meeting your family.  

Family means a lot to me, and I love spending time with mine. I have a mother Anita, a father John, a half-mother Tine, and two big sisters, Therese and Christine. Therese is my oldest sister, Christine is the second oldest and I am the youngest sister. I both live in Klampenborg north of Copenhagen, with my father and half-mother, and 15 minutes away at Rungsted Kyst with my mother. My parents are divorced, and they have been that almost all my life. I am alternating between my mom’s place 2 weeks, and then at my dad’s place 2 weeks.I go to school in Vedbaek, at Vedbaek School, which is right in the middle of my two homes. My dad and my halfmother have a holiday cottage in Hornbeak, and I love spending time there. In both Klampenborg, Rungsted Kyst and Hornbaek we live close to the water, and have lots of nature all around us, which I really enjoy - especially since we still are so close to our capital city Copenhagen.

When I am with my father, John, and half-mother, Tine, we do a lot of things together. They both have their own companies in Copenhagen, so sometimes I take the train ride on 20 minutes to the city, so we can meet. We walk around the city and we are just having a lot of fun. 
Actually, I decided to travel abroad because of Tine. I am so happy she introduced me to this idea, she has helped me so much in life, when I have had hard times and also a lot with my school and I love her so much for that. 
When I am with my mom, we bake cakes, watch movies, like to take long walks or cycle in the nature. I have always been fond of animals - I watched programs about whales and sharks since I was five years old. My mom and I often watch programs about the planet. One day, I hope to have a job, where I can help preserve the oceans, the forest and the animals.

I really like being with my sisters. They both live in Copenhagen now, at 2 different places, where they study business and law. Therese lives in Amager with her boyfriend Benjamin, and Christine lives in Østerbro with her best friend Emilia. I sleep there sometimes, and then we cook together, play cards, go to the movies and walk around the city and just talk together. 

My mom originally comes from Norway, but she moved to Denmark before I was born, all of my mom’s side of the family lives back in Norway. My mom, my sisters and I visit them as often as we can. They live in Starvern by the coast close to Norway’s capital, Oslo. I love visiting them, and we are all very close. My mom has three sisters: Lene, Wendy and Heidi they all have children, and I really like my vacations together with my cousins. When we are in Norway we always live with Lene and her housebound, my uncle Kjetil. They have three children, Conrad, Cornelia and Josephine. When I am in Norway, we pick strawberries, hike (small) mountains, go the beach, jump from big rocks into the water and just have family dinners with my grandparents and the whole family. 

Friends also have a big place in heart, and I love speeding lots of time with them doing different activities. We often watch the new movies, help each other with homework, meet for dinners together, go to fitness and shop in Copenhagen. In my free time, I swim in Hørsholm Swim club.  
I recently also got two jobs after school, to earn some pocket money for next year. I'm both working in a supermarket and in an ice cream store. It's actually quite fun, and my colleagues are really nice. 

I am generally always in a good mood and I’m really looking forward to the exciting challenge of living a year abroad. I hope to become more independent and look forward to studying in German. I know that it’s going to be hard, being away from my home and family for almost a whole year, but I’m still really excited, that I have decided to go on an exchange program. 
I’m really looking forward to this experience, I can’t wait to arrive in Germany, to go to school there and meet and live with my new host family.