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Ausland macht schlau!

Beatrice aus Italien

August 2021 - Juni 2022

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Musik hören, Volleyball, Sprachen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Nein



Liebe Gastfamilie,

I still realize that I am writing this letter. Until recently it was all a dream for me, and finally I can say that it is coming true!

Ich heiße Beatrice, ich bin 16 Jahre alt und ich lebe in einer Stadt in der Region Abruzzen, Italien. I am a very open and lively girl! You will finally help me realize my dream: to improve my German (now it’s bad), and to live a year as a real local girl! Now I’m going to tell you about my real family.

Wir sind vier, ich lebe mit meinen Eltern und meinem Bruder in einem einzigen Haus, mit viel Garten. Mein Vater heißt Walter, er ist 52 Jahre alt und er ist Polizist. Meine Mutter heißt Ilenia, sie ist 48 Jahre alt und sie ist Handwerkerin. Mein Bruder heißt Luca und ist 12 Jahre alt. We are very close, even if sometimes we argue. Even if he’s growing, I will forever treat him the same way, like my little one, and I have to admit he will be the person I will miss the most; even if every time I ask him "will you miss me?" I always say no, because I like to make fun of him. I have to say, if I were to have a brother or sister in my family in Germany, I would just be happy, and I would do everything I normally do here, with him. In my house, we also have two dogs and a cat, although I must admit that I’m not very attached to animals, but I still like them.

As for school, I wouldn’t know where to start. This may sound weird, but I like to wake up every morning, get ready to go out and start my day. At school I feel good, I like to study, especially languages; I love German, while English and Spanish a little less. The school is not far from my house, it takes about 5 minutes by car. As you can see, I go to High School and I’m in my third year. The question I get most often is, "Why did you choose to do a Language School?"; my answer is always the same, I love everything about the world and languages. Now I will tell you more about myself, and what I do.

I am a very determined girl, I have many hobbies and I like to play sports. I never back down, and I like to face everything as best I can to overcome my limits. Since I was four, my parents, the first thing they did was throw me in the pool. I practiced this sport for about 7 years, but then growing up I took different paths. I’ve been playing volleyball for four years, even though I’m not very tall, I have to say I’m doing just fine. I play in Serie C, it’s a championship here in Italy, quite high. With my team I feel great, I have to say that I am a bit 'the leader, I like to have an important role and do something that can make others happy. In winter, I go to the mountains to ski, even this since I am small. It’s a passion that my parents have always had, and that they still practice.

And what about my friends? As you can see, thanks to my character I really have many friends. My best friend is called Federica, we have known each other since we were 5 years old and still today we are more connected than ever. Three years ago I met my best friend, his name is Francesco and he is one of the most important people in my life. My entire volleyball team, for me it’s a family, we’re so close that in every bad moment or good, they know how to help me. For all my friends, I know that I am fundamental because most of the time I always find a way to make them smile; sadness is ugly and synonymous with unhappiness. When I am them, all my problems are eliminated and I am ready in any situation and moment to help them. From here, you could surely understand what kind of girl I am, sensitive and ready to help others.

I can add more, that I spend a lot of time with my family especially the summer. We have a beach house, we stay there for about a month, we also have a pool and most of the time we organize parties with our friends. Unfortunately, in this period of covid, you can not. In addition to this in particular to me, but also my family like to travel, really much. We have been three times in Germany, in Budapest, in France, we have visited most of Italy, in Switzerland and in Austria. Three years ago I also spent a week in Ireland without my parents, so I can say that even if for a short time, I know what it’s like to live in another country with all its advantages and disadvantages.

In conclusion I can not wait to leave for this fantastic experience, although I know it will not be easy to adapt to a new lifestyle, but I’m sure there is I will. I want to feel like I’m part of your family, and you’re gonna be proud of me as your daughter, and I want this experience to be not just great for me, but also for you.


Bis bald!

Beatrice :)