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Anastasia aus Italien

Januar 2021 - Juni 2021

16 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Ski fahren, Lesen, Cello spielen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Keine

Dear future family,

Thank you for reading this letter,I'm Anastasia, I'm 16 years old and my birthday is on February 7th. I live in North Italy, two hours far from Milan.

I am both outgoing and private; I like spending my day with my friends but also staying at home and reading a good book or baking (especially in a gloomy and cold day).I like engaging in everything I do, particularly in things I love the most: studying, playing cello, cooking, and doing sports. I'm quiet, good at swimming, skiing and I like hiking in summer. I live in a mountainous zone but despite this in summer is very hot (at most 35/40 degrees), so the only solution is hiking and looking for a colder place.

I'm not so good at other sports but I like trying all types, I enjoy challenges and competitions. Every Saturday I have to practice with the orchestra that I attend. I'm a member since 2018 and one transfer that we made was in the South of Germany, in Herremberg.

I like reading, especially during holidays when I have less homework to do than in school time. I'm interested in climate change, it's a topic that value a lot for me. How we can live in an house that is burning? It's hard and strange changing a lot of our habits for something that we can’t see immediately, most of the people don't understand that care of our planet means care of ourselves and our quality of life. The sentence that I heard the most is"I'll be dead", but our children won’t. It's like throwing a stub near a tree and crying when it's burning. It's difficult live in a zero waste and completely eco friendly life, but there are simple things that can help the environment: using a canteen, bamboo toothbrush and simple objects that can easily replaced the plastics ones.

I'm stubborn and I don't always follow other's advices, I prefer doing on my own. My mood depends on simple things, I'm moody but if I'm angry it last for five minutes.

I go to high school, in the linguistic course, I'm good at school and I like being one of the heads of the class. I like studying, especially history, foreign languages ( I study English, French and German) and philosophy.

My family has 6 members: my parents, me, my sister Arianna and my two cats. My sister is five years older than me, but we get along; of course sometimes we argue, but that's normal. She studies at University and we see each other just in the weekend. I get along also with my parents, they give me a lot of freedom, but if I tell them a lie, they won't anymore. I've got cats whole life , so I'll be very happy if you have one or a dog.I don't have a specifically routine, all depends on what I have to do that day.

I wake up early because I don't want to lose the whole morning, then I have breakfast; I like change my diet, but I usually eat yogurt with fruits, chocolate and muesli. At lunch I'm alone, because my parents work and my sister is in Pavia at the Uni; I like cooking, I eat everything,especially vegetables. My favourite recipe is pumpkin soup; I'd like cooking some typical italian dishes for you. In the afternoon, I study or I hang out with my friends. My best friend lives near me so we often spend time together. At dinner me and my parents always eat together and after that we often watch a tv series or a film in the living room.

I'd like to find a family that likes to do things together: eating, going out, watching a film and things like that.

Thank you for have read this letter, I'm so grateful!