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Wasinee aus Thailand

August 2020 - Juni 2021

Geburtsdatum: 30.07.2003
Heimatstadt: Nonthaburi
Top Hobbies: Fotografieren, Malen, Musik hören
Top Charaktereigenschaften: freundlich, optimistisc, flexibel
Sprachen: Deutsch (1 Jahre), Englisch (3+ Jahre)
Geschwister: ein Bruder

Vegetarier: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Allergie: Amoxicillin (ß-Lactam-Antibiotika)
Haustiere: Nein

Dear host family

First of all, I would like to introduce myself with this letter. My name is Wasinee and my nickname is Pin, and it comes from the hairpin and I really love my nickname. I am 16 years old. I was born in Yala, the southern border city of Thailand nearby Malaysia and recently I just moved to Nonthaburi last year due to my new school and living with my grandmother and my aunt nearby the capital city of Bangkok.

There are 4 people in my family, my parents and my young brother who is younger than me for 3 years. I moved to Nonthaburi last year because my family saw that this place has a better opportunity for my academic plans. Even though my family don't live together, I always have a good relationship and feeling very close because I always keep in touch by phone call regularly. My parents always make me feel comfortable and they are my best adviser. In my new home, I also very happy because my relatives live with love, and careness. Every morning my aunt drives me to school and she goes to work and in the evening I take the sky train back home with friends. Luckily, my house is near the sky train. So it takes like 5 minutes walking to my house. At home my grandma cooks for me and I like to help her in the kitchen and I think that she is such a great cooker and I like all her menu because they are very delicious. Sometimes my family go out to have dinner. My chores are cleaning, washing, taking care of my clothes, and watering.

When I was in elementary school, I loved to play volleyball. It was very fun and I got many friends and experiences from being a volleyball player. What I proud of myself is getting the most votes as a team leader after 18 months of training. When I was in my early high school in Satun (South of Thailand), I stayed in a boarding school. I think I learned a lot from a boarding school. I think that I grew up, changing to better and having many good friends. When I moved to Nonthaburi I study at Sai Nam Peung School, which is a girl school in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. In my new school, there are a lot of activities and this school give me many opportunities to improve in many ways both of academic and activity. I am very happy with my new school. I have got many good friends here as I and my friends like to do things together for examples taking photos, going to museums, going to flea markets. Even I moved to the new city, I still keep in touch with my old friends in South. All of my friends are very friendly and lovely, so we intimate very fast. I don't have to adapt myself to my new friends too much but I just have to adapt myself to the big city life doing things faster and dealing with traffic jam.

When I have free time, I usually listen to the music, watching movies, drawing pictures, watering, and gardening with grandma. I also like to read books and recently I love to take photos and going to cafe with my friends. I like photography because I think each photo has different stories and memories. I like to take photos of people because I like to see the different charms in people including smile, expression, and movement. Another activity that I like and often spend time with is watching movies. My favorite movie types are action, sci-fi fantasy, horror, history, and entertainment. I go to the cinema every week, sometimes I watch like 1-3 consecutive movies in 1 day. I like watching movies because I feel relieving, getting new ideas, following the progress of the story that is new and interesting. It also help me to improve my English listening as well.

I would like to be an exchange student because I want to learn a new thing. I think it will be a practice of life experiences that cannot be bought and I think this is very good for my future profile. During the program, I will try to open my mind and I will do my best. I might have to ask for advice from the host family about what should do and should not in Germany. Honestly, I don't expect the best things from my host family, I just want you to welcome and treat me like a member of your family. I hope that we will have a great time together. Finally, I just want to say thank you to read my letter. I am looking forward to learning all about your country and I would like to become a part of your family.


Wasinee Pinthongphan (Pin)