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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Ting-Chen aus Taiwan

September 2019 - Juni 2020


Heimatstadt: Taichung, Taiwan
Top 5 Hobbies: Fußball spielen und schauen, Triathlon, Basketball, Klavier spielen, programmieren
Top Charaktereigenschaften: aktiv, gesprächig, neugierig, höflich
Sprachen: Deutsch (seit diesem Jahr) und Englisch (seit 4 Jahren)
Geschwister: eine kleine Schwester

Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: nein
Haustiere: ein Hund

Dear Host Family,
Hello, I’m Ian. I’m in 9th grade now. I have a wonderful family. My dad is a university professor. He is always busy and almost works anytime. Even so, he still tries to spend time playing sport and travel with me. He is strict with his work, but when he gets off work, he is humorous.
My mom is also a teacher in a kindergarten. She is very benevolent and patient, but also exacting. I have a sister; she is younger than me, just 4 years old. She likes arts, not only drawing, but also dancing and playing the violin. My family goes to exercise together every weekend, and we always go on vacation every holiday.
My school is based on the Waldorf education system. It is very different from other schools in Taiwan. Most of the schools in Taiwan only care about student’s test grades. My school won’t differentiate the students between good or bad by grades but encourages students to discover and find their interests. I think that a test is a tool; it is important but it should not be the whole purpose of life. Although my parents are both teachers in the normal school in Taiwan, they still let me study in a Waldorf school. I’m very glad about that.

I like to exercise in my free time. My classmates always call me my nickname, ‘Flash’. I love playing basketball, swimming, running, and so on. Football is my favorite; I was in a football team when I was in elementary school. I watched every game of FIFA world cup; my favorite player is Miroslav Josef Klose. He is the one who makes most of the goal in Knockout, but he is retired now. Now my favorite player is Lionel Messi. Just like I say, I love all kinds of sports, not only football. I play triathlon, too. I started TT is because I met my coach in a race when I was 9. My coach thought that I had potential when he saw me the first time, so he started to train me. I got a good grade in TT now. I have participated in lots of races and long distance race that takes me more than an hour to finish it. Of course, it exhausts me, but that is not important. The main point of TT is training and being persistent in races. From TT, I learned never give up easily.
My interests are not only in dynamic activity. Actually, I’m interested in data processing and programming too. When the first time I saw my dad and his students were playing with lots of LEGO robot car, I’m very curious. I ask my father what those cars are for. He told me that his student made these cars were for a competition. The competition is very cool. Every competitor has to use their car to fight. How the car move by themselves? The answer is very easy. The competitor needs to write the code so that the robot read the code and fight by themselves. I think that is very interesting, so I started to learn coding. I am very outgoing, cheerful, lively, and curious, although sometimes a bit acute. I like to try new things.
I have never been to Europe, and never been to other countries for so long except America where I live for one year. But to me, Germany is a country that plays football very well and has advanced technology. One of my teachers is German and he taught me so much. I also learn under the Waldorf system at school, which was from Germany.

So I want to learn more about football and technology related to computer science, and most important the German spirit, so I really want to be an exchange student in Germany. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope to spend a great year with you as part of your family.
Sincerely, Ian