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Seonghyun aus Korea

Januar 2020 – Juni 2020

Geburtsdatum: 17.07.2004
Heimatstadt: Seoul, Südkorea 
Top Hobbies: Badminton, Rad fahren, Wandern, Schwimmen, Musik hören, Computer
Top Charaktereigenschaften: Anpassungsfähig, respektvoll, unabhängig 
Sprachen: Deutsch (in den Anfängen), Englisch (9 Jahre)
Geschwister: Ein Bruder (19 Jahre)

Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: keine
Haustiere: keine 

Dear Host Family,

I am Seonghyun Moon from Korea. ich bin 16 Jahre alt und mag Fubball. Ich interessiere mich auch fur ein schones Auto. Recently I realized that what I like is closely related with Germany. My father works  in  Germany  company,  Zeiss.  So  naturally  myinterest  is  going  to  Germany.  That's  why  I choose Germany to go and experience. Let me tell you someting aobut myself.

First, I like energetic sports like soccer. I used to play soccer with my friends after school. At time, I usually  played  a  role  asa  midfielder  and  I  think  I  am  still  quite  good  defense  and  attack.  I  really enjoyed playing soccer with my friends and I still loved it even though I don't have enought time to do now. My favorite soccer player is Messi. His dribble is so amazing. When I see his video, I can't even describe how I feel. Also, I like working out. I kind of like the feeling that I am so immersed into something. Plus, working out is good for health. After I excerise, I feel refreshed and rewarding. I also try to work out, especially when I get stressed out. Working out helps me let the stress out and focus on what I really need to do. In the picture arrow marked person in photo is me as you guess. I like to play with my friends. They tell me that I am a pretty energetic and easy going person. Can you feel it in the picture? My personality help me to make new friends easily. I strongly believe that this positive things will help me to adapt to the new environment in Germany.

In  Korea,  many  students  study  really  hard,  because  they  have  a  goal  to  go  to  the  prestitious university. Universities that have good reputation let them have a better chance to get a good job. That's why parents and students put a lot of money and efforts in education. However, I heard that Germany is different. Germany have different system about education and I think education is closely related  with  social  culture  or system. I  can't  wait  to find  out the  difference  between  Germany  and Korea. I'd love to have a chance to experience that.

Meine Familie ist Mutter, Vater, Bruder und ich. Unsere Familie ist wie Freunde. Ich fuhle mich sehr wohl, wenn ich bei ihnen bin. Wir haben viele Dinge zusammen, wie Fahrradfahren. Meine Eltern sind wirlich nett und offen. Wir verstehen uns gegenseitig, und das tragt dazu bei, dass sich unsere Familie starker verbindet. Wenn ich die Chance hatte, mit lhnen zu leben, ware es wirklich grobarting, und ich wurde mich glucklich fuhlen.

Best Regards,

Seonghyun Moon