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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Po-Lun aus Taiwan

Januar 2020 - Dezember 2020

Geburtsdatum: 28.03.2002
Heimatstadt: Kaohsiung
Top Hobbies: Basketball, Joggen, Schwimmern
Top Charaktereigenschaften: Ruhig, respektvoll, freundlich
Sprachen: Deutsch (1 Jahr), Englisch (4 Jahre), Spanisch (2 Jahre)
Geschwister: eine Schwester, zwei Brüder

Vegetarier: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Allergie: Nein
Haustiere: Hunde

Dear Host Family,

I am a student from Taiwan, who's currently studying abroad in the UK, also applying for an exchange to Germany. The following will be my introduction to my future host family. Since I have never been as an exchange to a foreign country. Though, I'm confident with my abilities to getting used to in a new environment and performances in different fields or academic subjects. Still, having an inability to engage with new people speaking in different languages rather than Mandarin and English. I have been in several countries where Mandarin isn't the native tongue, I have been to the United States for summer camps, where English is the first language, socializing and interactions with other people is an essential progression towards the improvements of my English abilities. Throughout the traveling that I have done, communicating with the locals in other countries with English became relatively easy and convenient.

Since studying aboard is in long terms, being away from family is usual, yet due to advancements in technologies communicating with family members overseas become easy and efficient. Other than studying and dealing with academic subjects, I have more interest in sports, especially in basketball. During my time in the UK, I take part in the basketball club that school provided. After a few matches, I have been selected by the First Elite Team to play for the Under 18 and 19 Leagues and being placed third place in both leagues last year. Basketball means a lot more than just a hobby. It motivates to compete with others, improvements on personal skillsets, cooperates as a team and learn to respect all the people who participated within the game (sportsmanship). Other than basketball, I often enjoyed some other activities such as swimming, reading, creating music, gaming, and hiking.

There are various reasons students gone on being an exchange around the Globe and be into other countries. Some of seeking for better educations, some look for new experiences and adventures. However, my aim for being an exchangestudent is to explore different types of cultural exchanges from the locals. To understand how people go from home to schools or workplaces, how to start a conversation with manners, what are the local traditions, etc. One of the main reason that I chose Germany as my exchanged country, where I was fascinated by the advancements in technology inventions and an exceptional reputation in businesses. Around the Globe, there are portions of well-known brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Adidas, DHL, and more. The automobile, contact lens, print press, tape recorder, etc. Those inventions are German's top inventions that change the Globe. While being an exchange student, I wish I can get close with the local communities with support from teachers in the school to improve my German standards. Furthermore, have the chance to be into one of the famous events in Germany like Oktoberfest, where people around the world gathered up and celebrate.

However, my goal after finishing my exchange, it is ultimately improving my German standards to a higher level. The way of achieving this goal is by building a reputation among people, engage with different people and speak up for my thoughts and opinions, yet this doesn't just build up the usage of German but increased confidence in speaking among other people. Although, I haven't had many thoughts on university choices, however, I am confident through my time as an exchange can significantly improve my German. It widens a variety of opportunities of studies among withdifferent languages that I have learned. Aside from opportunities offered, I can stand out from people with more than two spoken languages when applying for universities. 

I thought in different perspectives, what I might face while during my study in my exchange year, the first thing comes across my mind, it's the entertainments and interactions with others. Whereas activities concluded both elements and show involvements within the community. When it comes to academic subjects, I am into mathematics, history, and sciences: physics, chemistry, and biology. Challenges will come as my academics progress. Solutions towards my questions in lessons, I will likely to ask more questions to sort out first-hand concerns. Discussions with classmates and teachers after lessons or research relative contents for answers are also suitable. Getting involved with your classmates apply the same concepts as with host families. For the living, I have stayed homestays before, wherein my opinions getting used to their habits androutine aren't a problem. Also, I find out interacting with members within the house is as important as communicating with them. By the end of the exchange year, my goal is to be able to write, listen, read and speak in German, including understanding varieties of structures, formations of sentences, grammar, and pronunciations. My target major in university in computer science.

During my year, as an exchange, I do not just want to be an academic trip. I believed what is more important than study is being able to understand a culture, their traditions, how people act and influence each other and entertainments, however, scheduling and balancing both entertainments and studies are equally important. Therefore, I have a routine whereas, during weekdays, I engage and focus on school works as a priority, then have enjoyments on the weekend.

From my perspective, I thought I can bring some changes for the host family, such as helping out with house works: cleaning up floors and rubbish, organizing beddings, etc. Also exchanging cultural experiences, whereas, I can help my host family to understand by showing photos or demonstrated by actions to what Taiwan is like, telling them about our traditions or yearly events, our famous cuisines, and must-visit locations. Also, I can exchange cultural experiences with my classmates and teachers. For the community as a whole, I can join volunteering activities to support the locals.

For being an exchange student, my family has been a huge factor, where they are supportive to be exchanged to another country. My parents are confident in my abilities to cope with socializing with other people. However, they only hope I can learn German properly and to the best I could. My friends are looking forward to me to study in Germany. Furthermore, they would like me to share my experiences after my exchange. Usually, when I was back in Taiwan, my family and I, we go to a restaurant and then find the nearest park to hang out and chat together, and my friends and I, we sometimes join some of the basketball events to compete with the local players or hang out at the nearest cafe to chill out. However, for my future host family, I hope they can German but also take me around the community.


Austin Yen