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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Olivia aus Australien

Oktober 2019 – Januar 2020

Geburtsdatum: 01.06.2004
Heimatstadt: Hornsby Heights
Top Hobbies: Pfadfinder, Kadetten, Bildende Kunst
Top Charaktereigenschaften: unabhängig, tolerant, fröhlich
Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprache), Deutsch (2 Jahre)
Geschwister: keine

Vegetarier: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Allergie: Ibuprofen 
Haustiere: Katze und Hund

Dear Host Family, 

My name is Olivia and I would be extremely grateful to be a part of your family during my stay in Germany. I have never experienced schooling outside of Australia and I believe that Germany would be the perfect experience for me. I think that Germany is a beautiful country. Both culturally and physically and I would love to experience its beauty as a part of society. I hope to learn a great deal of things during my stay in Germany. I would love to learn as much of the language as I can as well as learning as much of the culture as possible. Not only do I want to learn whilst in Germany, but I also would love to teach my host family about Australia and how we live in our day to-day lives.
During my stay I am more than happy to do as much as is needed around the house in order to make everyone's life as easy as possible. I am able to do the laundry, cleaning, pet care or anything else that is necessary. I love learning new things and I am hoping that my experience in Germany will make me a more confident and independent person. A personal aim for my exchange is to expand of knowledge of global cultures in terms of their modern-day issues and cultural practices among other things.
I live with my parents in a small suburb on the outskirts of a big city. I have no siblings, but I have a Burmese cat called Jasper and a Havanese dog called Maisie. We have a very relaxed lifestyle and tend to take things as they come. We like to travel often and usually do so within Australia, seeing the more outback and rural side of it than the cities. I love to travel and learn about different lifestyles and cultures. My chores at home include feeding the animals every night, doing my own laundry, taking the rubbish bins out and bringing them in and regular yard care. 

A big part of my life is Scouting which has shaped me into the person I am today. I have been a part of my local Scout Group since I was 8 and I am currently in the Venturer section. Scouting has allowed me to experience the most amazing things, my favourites being the Australia Jamboree in 2016 and Dragonskin 2019. Camps like these have increased my confidence and independence incredibly. I have also become a part of my local Gang Show, a high standard creative arts performance put on by local Scouts and Girl Guides which I have now been doing for 5 years. Scouts has formed my love of camping and hiking which have become very important aspects of my life. I would love to become involved in a Scout group during my exchange if possible.

I go to an all-girls high school which I love a lot. My current elective subjects are textiles technology, visual arts and history elective. My mandatory subjects are english, mathematics, PDHPE, science, religious education, history, geography and positive education. My favourites are geography, visual arts and history. At school I am part of a social service group called Days for Girls, where we make reusable female sanitary products that are distributed to girls in Africa that would otherwise not have access to these items. 

At school I participate in after school art classes where I study ceramics and darkroom photography. In ceramics I am currently creating a series of plates and bowls and in photography I have been developing and printing photos that I have taken recently including shots from a road trip in outback Australia. 
A major school activity I am part of is Army Cadets which we do with an all-boys school near ours. At Cadets I hold the rank of Corporal and am a Section Commander in the Medics Platoon. This means that I am in charge of a small group of medic cadets and act as their teacher and support in their cadet learnings. As a medic I offer first aid assistance at all Cadet events, our main event being our Annual Field Exercise (AFX) where are skills are put into use in an outdoors, military environment for eight days. Cadets is a major part of my life and has taught me many important life skills such as courage, initiative, discipline and respect. 
In my leisure time I love to spend time with my close friend who also happens to live only a few houses away. We take our dogs for a walk on the fire trail behind our houses every afternoon. On the weekends we often go skateboarding around our local area and explore the bushland around us. I enjoy reading when I can find the time. I also love to listen to music and watch films. 

I am beyond excited for my exchange to Germany and can’t wait to experience the country's beauty and culture in the company of my host family. 

Kind Regards,