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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Oliver aus Australien

August 2020 – Januar 2021

Geburtsdatum: 09.05.2004
Heimatstadt: Wagga Wagga
Top Hobbies: Fußball, Feldhockey, Squash
Top Charaktereigenschaften: unabhängig, enthusiastisch, zuverlässig
Sprachen: Deutsch (3 Jahre)
Geschwister: vier Brüder

Vegetarier: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Allergie: Baumnussallergie
Haustiere: einen Hund, Meerschweinchen


Liebe Gastfamilie,

Ich heiße Ollie und ich bin fünfzehn Jahre alt. Ich wöhne in Wagga Wagga, eine kleines Stadt in Australien. (66,000 Leuten.) Meine Familie sind sehr groß (by Australian standards), mit mein vier Brüder und meine eltern, wir haben sieben leute! Sie heißen Edward (Siebzehn), Henry (Zwölf) und William und Thomas (Beide Neun Jahre alt). Meine Mutti heißt Kate und meine Vater heißt Nathan. Wir haben ein Hund, er heißt George. I really enjoy sports, playing games and learning new things. Am Wochenende spiele ich Fußball, Feldhockey und Squash. I like teamsports where you can be with your friends and all have fun together. Am Wochenende Ich auch habe sehr viele Hausaufgaben das braucht viel Zeit. However I love learning new things so I am always up for a challenge.

Languages are my favourite things to learn and I’ve tried to learn many languages. The key word is tried :) . I also have a part time job at a small family run Chinese restaurant just up the road from my house. My job is to answer the phones, take the orders, pack the orders and clean the floors at the end of my shift. I like working there as the people are friendly and I might even get to learn some Chinese! There are many differences between school life in Australia and schooling in Germany, I would love to have the experiences that will come from being an exchange student. In our schools we have very similar subjects to German schools but we have a much longer school day and we have a compulsory uniform. I started learning German in Year 3, where I was tutored by a native speaker. When I entered high school (Year 7) I was the only student learning German and my tutor had moved to Spain. Progressing my skills has been very hard so I am excited to come to Germany and improve my fluency. 3 I’d love to go on an exchange to experience some of the cultural differences Germany has to Australia. It’d be great to see how a 15 year old lives in Germany compared to how I live in Wagga Wagga. The exchange will be the perfect chance to improve my fluency in the German language and to see what it’s like being a school student in Germany. I’d love to teach my host family a bit about how we live in Australia. I am a mature, responsible and would also like to help the family out with tasks like shopping to experience the differences between German and Australian cultures. Altogether I am really excited about coming to Germany and learning about your cultures and how you live and go to school compared with how we live and go to school in Australia. I am also looking forward to meeting and making new friends with my host family and German students at school as well as having the chance to maintain friendships when I return to Australia.

Vielen Danke,

Von Oliver Gunter.