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Mila aus Brasilien

August 2020 – Juni 2021

Geburtsdatum: 19.07.2003
Top Hobbies:
Sport machen, fotografieren, lesen
Top Charaktereigenschaften:
anpassungsfähig, neugierig, motiviert
Deutsch (1 Jahr), Spanisch (7 Jahre), Englisch (9 Jahre), Französisch (2 Jahre)

Vegetarier: Ja


Ich heiße Mila, ich bin 16 Jahre alt, ich habe keine Schwester oder Bruder (unfortunately) und ich wohne bei meinen Eltern in Goiânia. I am in the first year of "ensino médio" (that's kind of Gymnasium) - in fact this is my last week of class! - and although I really like my school, my teachers and my friends here, I want to have an exchange experience. Since I was 11 years old, I have known that I wanted to go on an exchange student's program. I've always liked to think about how much bigger the world is than what I know and I've always been fascinated by it. I chose 2 Germany because, after researching about many countries, talking to some friends of mine that went to Germany or that live in Brazil but are children/grandchildren of Germans, watching videos on youtube of other exchange students: I identified myself with some cultural aspects - I admire the sincerity and I like the objectivity, the “yes” and the “no”, with no need for any excuses. Besides, of all the languages that I study, it is the one that interests me the most - it has a certain logic that I haven't found in Portuguese. Since I was a little girl, I've been very interested in reading. I love sports (I've participated in some volleyball and handball championships). I'm passionate about dance, I did 12 years of ballet and jazz, and 3 years of steet dance, but I stopped because the competitions demanded a lot of training and I don't have that much time anymore because of high school ("ensino médio"). I'm also fascinated by math and physics - mostly physics - so I participate in some Math and Physics Olympics. I love animals - I’m a vegetarian, but unfortunately I’m allergic to them so I never had a pet. I'm a calm person in general, but it doesn't take much for me to get angry/offended - although that's something I try to control (I even started taking yoga classes and meditating). I like to solve things by talking and I don't like unresolved issues - I really don't like "let's pretend it didn't happen and don't talk about it". I don't keep my mouth shut when I see a wrong or unfair situation. Most teachers say that I have a tendency to lead, but I understand it in a different way: I like to help people when I can - even if some don't reciprocate or recognize it. My parents always talked about their religions, but they left me free to choose mine without their influence, I'm agnostic but sometimes I go to the Catholic church for family reasons (for example 7th day Mass). I am very shy/reserved at first, but with those who are close to me I am really transparent and affectionate. At school I am very extrovert and talkative but I confess that I am afraid of what I will be like there, because I don't know anyone. But I think this is a normal fear of an exchange student, and after some time I will make many friends and it will be great! When I was little, I used to enjoy riding a bike / playing in the park with my parents, playing ball / playing in the pool / dancing with my dad and cooking a lot of delicious dishes with my mom and grandmother. Today we usually watch movies together at home and at the cinema, watch volleyball and soccer games, enjoy going to nice restaurants and traveling together. To my host family I would like to say that I really hope that it will be a unique and incredible experience for me as well as for you, and that at the end of the exchange my heart will be divided between the desire to return to everything I already have and love here and to stay with everything I am sure I will meet and get attached to there. I hope that I feel at home there as much as I feel here, and that through me you can get to know a little bit of what my country and my culture are like. Regardless of how you are - be it a religious family or not, sports family or not, that likes to watch TV all day long or that are going to teel me somethings like "Come run in the park with us!", be it a family of 6 or 2 people, anyway, 3 regardless of our possible differences - I hope that you will also accept me with all my peculiarities, and that we can create bonds that will last beyond than this 1 year that I will spend there.


Mila Azevedo