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Mariano aus Mexiko

September 2019 - Juni 2020

Heimatstadt: Mexico City, Mexiko
Top 5 Hobbies: Basketball, American Football, Fußball, Fahrrad fahren, ins Kino gehen
Top Charaktereigenschaften: fröhlich, aktiv, aufgeschlossen, gesprächig
Sprachen: Deutsch (seit diesem Jahr), Englisch (10 Jahre)
Geschwister: eine kleine Schwester
Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: nein
Haustiere: drei Hunde und zwei Katzen

Hallo, ich bin Mariano
Hallo deutsche Familie,
ich kenne Sie nicht und ich weiss nich, wo wohnen Sie and I’m really exited to meet you when I arrived to Germany, ich freue mich in Deutschland leben, because I have never lived in a different continent and I want to know how it feels, I want to try a new culture because they have different traditions, values mentality and food and that would be really interesting to try, I have heard that Germany is a world power and one of the best countries in the world in almost all things and one of the most important is that they have a great economy and that helps a lot in my future because ich gehen nicht nach Kanada oder USA. Da ist es leicht für mich studieren. Und das hilft mir nicht and GERMANY would help a lot and beats all that counties because I am not learning one language but two Deutsch and French that amazing.

I hope to live with brothers or sisters of my age of Germany or other students by other countries. And when i go to college I want to study something with economy so Germany would help a lot also Germany Is famous for they winner mentality. I want to see how the people move in by bike in the street here in Mexico city is really difficult to ride a bike in the street because there Is a lot of traffic. Europa ist der beste kontinent in der Welt in Tourismus. I want to see all the different cities in Europe like: Praga, Munchen, Madrid, Berlín, Amsterdam, Dublin and etc. One of the most things that I like is sports and Europe has the best soccer in the world they have players like Muller, Kross, Ronaldo Salah and Mbappe and I want to see one of them in the field because they are soccer legends and I want to see a champions league game to tell my friends how it feels to see a game. I have gone two times to Europe, the first time was when I was one year old and I don’t remember and the second time was this year I only saw three countries: Spain, France and Italy and I wanted to see more but is a lot of money, and i very intresting in Germany.

What I am going to give: Die beste kultur der Welt: die mexikanisch kultur: I am going to show my friends and family the best foo, traditions I am going to show them the art of TACOS!!! das beste Essen der Welt . I am going to tell a lot of sports info I know everything about football and basketball and too I know a lot about superheroes and science fiction. And the most important thing love, respect, values and loyalty I would love my family and friends in Germany because they are opening their doors to me and that is really significant for me, So if you are reading this I hope you open me because I am going to be really greatfull for
you so I am wainting for you THE MEXICAN is waiting for you.
P.S: i don’t have really good redaction or spelling I am sorry but I know you are going to understand.