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Julia aus Argentinien

Januar 2020 - April 2020

Geburtsdatum: 16.12.2003
Heimatstadt: Córdoba, Argentinien
Top Hobbies: Zeit mit Familie verbringen, Freiwilligenarbeit, Freunde treffen, Fitnessstudio
Top Charaktereigenschaften: Humorvoll, Aktiv, Anpassungsfähig
Sprachen: Deutsch (2 Jahre), Englisch (3 Jahre)
Geschwister: eine Schwester und drei Brüder 

Vegetarier: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Allergie: Nein
Haustiere: Katze, Hund und Fische

Liebe gastfamilia..
Hi,  I  write  this  letter  so  that  you  know  me  a  little  more  and  know  who  I  am. My  name  is  Julia Helmbrecht and I was born in Córdoba, Argentina on December 16, 2003. I am currently 15 years old ans still living in Córdoba. I live in a house in a gated community with my mom and her husband, my 2 brothers, my sister and my little brother. Also, I have other little sister but she live with her mom and my dad. I love pets and I have a puppy, a kitten and fishes. My kitty is very very special to me. I rescued her from the street when she was just a baby, she had been thrown away. At first my mom didn't like cats but now she loves her. Meine Katze ist liebevoll und haarig!!!
I have a very active life and I like that. In the week I go to high school in the morning and I return home for lunch. On Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon I go to an institute to study English and I try to go to gym every day. I enjoy doing sports and it is somethings important in my life. Also, in  the  week  I  do  different  activities  at  school.  I  usually  have  an  organized  life  but  I  always  try  to change something to make my week more fun.
On the weekends I prefer to dothings with friends like go to the cinema or go to parties. Also, I like to ride bike, spend time with my family, read a bookand especially get together with my cousins and uncles. This is a little bit of my day to day. I like to learn new things all the time, especially about nutrition, fashion, makeup, politics and public speaking. In the past I did different activities such as violin,  piano,  figure  skating,  ballet,  athleticism,  field  hockey  and  others.  Field  hockey  was  very important to me. I did for 3 years and there I met many of my friends. This is a beautiful sport that taught me a lot about fellowship. I have a best friend, she is Isabella and she is like a sister. We are always  together  and  our  families  are  friends. We  both  dream  of  traveling  the  world  together  and helping people who need it.
I think it is important to tell you why I want to do this exchange. That it is the perfect oportunity to travel, meet new places, people and cultures, live more independently, grow as a person and learn the language. I hope to live this new experience with you. I am very excited for the time to meet you and plan our three months together. It is possible that at the beginning I am a little shy because I dont know how to speak German but I will to do my best. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter and be interested in me. This is very important! Auf Wiedersehen, liebe Gastfamilie.
Bis bald !!
Küsse und Umarmungen, Julia