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Ausland macht schlau!

Janna aus Finnland

August 2020 - Juni 2021

17 Jahre alt
Top Hobbies: Mit Freunden treffen, Leichtathletik, lesen
Vegetarier: Nein
Allergie: Pollen und Tierhaare (Katze, Pferd)


Janna möchte gerne bei einer Familie im Süden Deutschlands wohnen!


Dear Host Family

Ich bin Janna, und ich bin 16 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus ein kleine Stadt im Finland.In my spare time I practise athletics 5-6 times a week and I enjoy going to the gym! Ich habe leichtatletik practised for 10 Jahre, und mein event is High jump and heptathlon. Für mich ist es wichtig that I get to move because otherwise I become tired (it sounds wierd I know haha).

It sometimes sounds weird when youth say they like school, but I relly do. I think es ist intressant how much things there is to learn and almost all of my friends are in the same school as I am. Especially I like to learn new languages, and that's one of the resons I want to come to Germany, I want to learn german "for real".

I don't have a lot of interests but I sure got a few. So the biggest on is probably atlethics, but I also really like fashion and second hand stores, and to read. One of the things I enjoy most is to just hang out with my friends. I'm not the person that's quite, I'm the person who is really social when I'm with people, but after I've been with them I have to take a break and just chill.
I love to travel, it makes me feel free, and I get to see so much new things! 2016 I went to Canada and the US and it was so intersting to see the differences from Europe. I like skivacations and I like sunvacations, I like most things.

When I'm chilling I'm listening to music or watch netflix or just sitting in the kitchen and chitchat with my mom or dad. I like a lot of music, what I listen to just depends on what mood I'm in. Sometimes it's QUEEN and ABBA, and sometimes it's Bille Eilish, Håkan Hellström and Veronica Maggio. I suppose you don't know who the two last ones are, but like a short summary they are artists from Sweden that in my opinion make really good music. In Finland we don't really have any good music. Or we have Lordi but I don't know many people that actually are listening to them. But of course some people like Finnish rap and similar things, but it's definitely nothing for me haha. Sometimes people that aren't from Finland know about Isac Elliot, but that doesn't happen very often.

I would say that I'm a quit funny person. Or at least I'm trying to be! I'm always joking and trying to find funny things in the everyday life. My friends have stopped laughing at my jokes because they have heard the same jokes so many times. It will probably be hard to be fun in a language that's not my mothertounge, but of course I will try. My mothertuonge is Swedish but I have some friends that only speak Finnish, and it's so hard to be funny in Finnish. But that maybe depends on that Finns aren't laughing that much (I'm going to blame it on that haha)
I'm also the kind of person that thinks quit much and overthink stuff. That's not really a problem but it can be annoying since I get frustrated on myself. I'm also the kind of person that needs hugs.

My family means very much to me! I live with my mom, dad, my younger sister Tove and our bunny Hamppus. My sister is one year younger than I, but we're not very similar. Or I mean in my opinion we're not similar, even though people somtimes ask if we are twins. She and I are really good friends (but of course we fight, like all normal siblings) and I think that maybe the fact that we almost are the same age is an advantage. When we were younger we now and then fought about if some people was her or my freind, but that's over now.
In our house my mom almost always does the food. It's not because we others are lazy, it's just that I'm almost always doing my homework or atlethics. But I empty the dishwasher and cook if I have time, and I like to bake!

Some Fridays or Saturdays I'm working at a restaurant. I'm a waitress and I really like my job there. It's almost always fun and I think it have made me a bit more independent person too. Over all I'm pretty independent but I have my weak moments when I just want my mom to fix everything. I think my parents have raised me to an independent person, which I think is a very good thing.

Unfortunately almost this hole letter is in English. But I wanted to write in English instead of German, since I'm better at English and can express my personality in a smoother way!

I hope we will get good with each other and have a superfun year together!

Thank You for hosting me!

Best regard Janna