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Ausland macht schlau!

Hamish aus Australien

Oktober 2019 – Januar 2020

Geburtsdatum: 26.09.2003
Heimatstadt: Somerton Park
Top Hobbies: Klavierspielen, Go-Kart fahren, Musik hören
Top Charaktereigenschaften: humorvoll, freundlich, verantwortungsbewusst
Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprache)
Geschwister: Bruder und Schwester

Vegetarier: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Allergie: Keine
Haustiere: Katze

Dear future host family my name is Hamish Doherty and I am very much looking forward to meeting whoever selects to host me. I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia my entire life but have been fortunate enough to experience other countries and cultures with my family. I always do my best to get work done for school on time and to a high standard as I have many interests such as computing, cars, mathematics, history and English.

I am currently studying in year 10 at Sacred Heart College. I have many friends, most of whom have come from this school community. I am confident with talking with most people, both those I know well or those that I am unfamiliar with. I like doing things with friends when I have an opportunity to do so as I'm an outgoing and extroverted person. My friends aren’t the only important people in my life outside of my family, but my friends’ families are also of importance to me and I have good relations with many of their parents as I am able to communicate with them in a respectful and fun way. My parents also have many friends who I am able to interact with and have fun with.

I live in a house with my mum, dad, brother and often his girlfriend, I do also have an older sister who currently lives in London. My mum (Jo) is 56, turning 57 in July, and works as a Child and Family Health Nurse. My dad (Andrew) is 54, turning 55 in November, and works as a Data and Systems Specialist. My Brother (Jamie) is 24 and studied Architecture at university and his girlfriend (Jemima) has a Law and Psychology Degree. My sister (Erin) is and has a bachelor of languages and international studies. She is currently an international marketing coordinator for Wagamama.

I live near the beach, so that means during the summer it is easy to get down to relax or have a swim, but I have always enjoyed the cold of the Winter and the rain. I have experienced snow a few times in my life, none of which have been for long periods. I, along with many others have looked forward to a white Christmas but that is unlikely during the hot summers in Australia. Although the weather can’t be controlled having snow around that time of year would be absolutely magical.

I began learning the piano in grade 3 or 4 and have loved it ever since with the help of very supportive teachers. Although I am not brilliant at playing the piano, I still love to take any opportunity to play, practice and advance. I have been learning guitar but not to the extent and passion as I play the piano. On piano, I mainly play songs by bands and musicians such as Queen and David Bowie but love listening to Neil Young, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles among others.

I used to and hope to continue playing Australian rules football, doing which I have gained friends. I have for a while enjoyed playing soccer or football and sometimes I do better than I would expect at the sport but I left it too long to play the sport for club or school, but nonetheless, still enjoy it.

One of my dream careers is to race cars and I currently race go-karts at a club. It is something that I very much enjoy and wish that I could do more often. It is an activity that I partake in with my dad and he usually acts as the mechanic as he has technical knowledge of cars much greater than mine. His love of cars has also washed onto both my brother and I, so since I was about 9, I have loved cars of most sorts and particularly like German cars, both new and old. My dad has a 1982 Mercedes 380sl which we frequently go on drives in as part of the Mercedes club.