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Ausland macht schlau!

Emma aus Norwegen

August 2020 – Juni 2021

Geburtsdatum: 26.07.2003
Top Hobbies:
Freunde treffen, Musik hören, Politik
Top Charaktereigenschaften:
aktiv, neugierig, aufgeschlossen
Deutsch (4 Jahre), Englisch (11 Jahre)
ein Bruder, drei Stiefschwestern

Vegetarier: Ja (Pescetarierin)

Dear Family

Ich heiße Emma, ich bin 16 Jahre alt, und ich komme aus Norwegen. Ich wohne mit meiner Mutter, mein Bruder, mein Stiefvater und 3 Stiefschwestern. Wir haben ein Haus aus dem Lande, und wir haben 3 Katze. Mein Vater wohnt 2 Stunden mit dem Auto von uns. Ich besuche ihm oft am de Wochenende. Mit meinem Vater, meine halb Bruder, Stiefmutter und Stiefbruder auch wohnen.

We live about an hour away from a city. This schoolyear i started a new school, in this city. Therefore, I am currently living in a dorm, so it is easier to go to school, and have time for homework, friends and training. I usually only get to see my family in the weekends, but it really makes me appreciate 2 the time I have with them. When I am with my family, we often play board games. And on Fridays we usually make dinner together and watch a movie. I will say that I am a quite outgoing person. I love to meet new people and be around people. I find talking to a lot of people, or strangers as something fun and exciting, rather that scary and frightening. I am cheerful and I try to stay positive, even in stressful and difficult situations. I have been told by friends that I am very caring, and a god listener. I manage to see other people and put myself in their position and understand how they are feeling. I take other people’s feelings seriously and try to help people, as best as I can. I am openminded and even though I often have strong opinions, I love to see other sides of a case and I am open to changing my mind. I am adaptable to change, and I see change as a new start and new possibilities. On my spare time I like to hang with friends, work with youth politics or do gymnastics. I sit in the local youth advisory council, which is non-party political, meaning that we not belong to a specific party. I really like it because I get to express myself, I get to meet new people, and I get to make a change for the better. I also do gymnastics and have done since I was 3. It has always brought joy to me, it gets my body moving, and I get to push myself. I like challenges and gymnastics and the local youth advisory council allows me to challenge myself and grow as a human being. However, I do not feel the need to keep practising these activities during my exchange year, I am open to everything and I am sure that I will find other activities I enjoy during my year abroad. I think that one off my greatest feature is that I easily bond with new people. Last august I started a new school, where I barely knew anyone. But during the first week I had already started to find “my people”.It has now been 5 months and I have the best friends I have ever had. On the weekends we usually hang out. We usually just talk and listen to music, or sometimes we watch a movie or play a game, but I always have a good time. I go to a quite big school, we are around 600 students, divided over 3 grades. I like going to a big school. Previously I went to a much smaller school. We were about 60 students in my previous school, divided into 10 grades. So last fall I went from being 4 people in my grade, to 28 people in my class, and 160 people in the grade. I love meeting new people so moving to a bigger school really suited me. I don’t have that much chores at home, since I am only home at the weekends, but when I am home, I usually help make food, set the table, do dishes or do the laundry. Just some small stuff to help a bit. Seeing as I live on my own during the week, I need to take a lot off responsibility there. I make all the food myself, I clean the whole place, I do the grocery shopping and so on, so i have experience with working at home. I don’t have a clear vision off what I want to study or work with when I get older, but I like the idea off something with international relations, or like a pollical scientist. I would like to understand more about how the world works, and the differences and similarities between different countries. I love to experience new cultures and I would really like to get a broader look on the world, and I think I would get that by doing a year abroad. There are 3 many reasons I want to go to Germany and to live with a host family. I have had German in school for almost 4 years now, and I love the language. I think the language is absolutely beautiful, unfortunately I haven’t been able to learn in properly with just 2 hours off tutoring per week. I want to be able to speak German fluently, or at least close to. I don’t really know that much about German culture, but from the impression I have on Germany, the culture and surroundings seem like something that would fit me quite well. I want to challenge myself and to grow as a person, and I think that moving to Germany, and to take part in a new family, and a new society really would help me achieve those goals. I would really like to hear about your life as well, what you like to do as a family, hobbies and interest and what your community is like. Thank you for the opportunity to live with you.