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Eddie aus Taiwan

September 2019 - Juni 2020

Geburtsdatum: 03.08.2004
Heimatstadt: Neihu, Taiwan
Top 3 Hobbies: Modellbau, Musik hören, Filme schauen
Top Charaktereigenschaften: aktiv, neugierig, offen, humorvoll, extrovertiert
Sprachen: Deutsch (1 Jahr), Englisch (10 Jahre)
Geschwister: keine
Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: nein
Haustiere: ein Hund

Dear my future host family,
My name is Di, you can also call me Eddie. I am an outgoing and active young boy from Taipei City, Taiwan, the capital city of Taiwan. Sitting at the northern part of the island.
Although I live in a city for my entire life, I love outdoor and getting out into nature to breath fresh air and view the nature landscape. I went river tracing at 13 years old. And now I am 15, I want to go to study in the Germany be a high school exchange student.
There are three people in my family. My dad is a Satellite News Gathering senior engineer and my mom is a Chief editor of Nownews .Because both of my parents are busy at work, I am very independent, and I take care of myself often, for example taking care my own dinners. I enjoy spending time in watching movies at home. And occasionally, I watch YouTube channels, and play games on mobile phones.

In junior high school, my favorite subject is history. Inside of the classroom, listening to the teacher talking about historical story is interesting. My favorite food is fried rice because its smell really good, and taste fantastic. This is something I like to share with you.
I want to go study in the Germany as an exchange student because I want to see more thing and look higher, and this opportunity will help me improve my feeling and attitude about things. Second, I am curious about how high school education and extracurricular in the Germany is different from Taiwan. I learned that high school in Germany give students many open-ended questions instead of multiple choice. I am not very good at answer these questions so I want to challenge myself.
Finally, I want to introduce Taiwanese culture, especially our food, like fried rice, dumplings, instant noodle...to your family. We are very similar yet different from China, but many people don’t know the difference.
I look forward to have a wonderful upcoming year with you and your family.

I want to thank you for host me!