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Diego aus Mexiko 2

September 2019 - Juni 2020

Geburtsdatum: 05.10.2002
Heimatstadt: Monterrey
Top 5 Hobbies: Fußball, Snowboarden, Fahrrad fahren, Tennis, Angeln
Top Charaktereigenschaften: aktiv, anpassungsfähig, kommunikativ, interessiert, offen, motiviert, humorvoll
Sprachen: Deutsch (7 Jahre), Englisch (13 Jahre)
Geschwister: ein Bruder (13 Jahre)
Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: nein
Haustiere: ein Hund


To my future Gastfamilie,
Hi! My name is Diego. I was born in Guadalajara, a beautiful city in Mexico, in the year of 2002. I lived there until I was 9, because we then moved to another city named Monterrey. I entered a new school which was totally different to what I was used to. That is why I started to learn German. I made new friend that are still a very important part of my life. When I was in 7th grade my 2 best friends took the decision to go 1 year to Canada. I also wanted to go but my parents told me to wait until I was bigger. And here I am, a bit bigger and smarter. I have a friend that went in 8th grade to Köln to study 1 year abroad. I was very shocked that she had the courage to do that. I couldn't understand how she would be able to communicate and be part of a family if she couldn't speak fluent english. And finally after almost 3 years I can fully understand her decision. Going 1 year to Germany ist only to learn Deutsch, but to immerse yourself in a different culture. My goal is to return to Mexico with a piece of Deutschland in my heart.
Who am I? I am an active person who loves to hang out with his friends. Being social is a big part of who I am. I would also consider myself an artsy person because I really like to draw and hear music. Ich habe 6 Jahre Fussball gespielt. I also like to meet new people. Ich habe Freunde aus Deutschland, Südkorea, Venezuela, Italien, Spanien , etc hier in Monterrey. I am curious to know to which place I will go. I also want to meet my new temporary family. I am a bit anxious to meet my new classmates from my new school, because i am sure that I will get along super good with them. I am sure that I will be the perfect student you are looking for. I am ready to meet you so that we can teach each other about our costumes, cuisine, cultures, sports and many more.