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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Chi-Lin aus Taiwan

Januar 2020 - Dezember 2020

Geburtsdatum: 21.01.2002
Heimatstadt: Kaohsiung City
Top Hobbies: Klavier spielen, Tanzen, Malen
Top Charaktereigenschaften: optimistisch, fröhlich, respektvoll
Sprachen: Deutsch (2 Jahre), Englisch (10 Jahre)
Geschwister: ein Bruder

Vegetarier: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Allergie: Nein
Haustiere: einen Hund, eine Katze und einen Hamster

Dear Host Family,

My name is Jolin. I am an optimistic, cheerful, and outgoing girl from Taiwan, living with my parents, older brother, and my grandparents. Both of my parents are professors at the university. They always lay emphasis on my study attitude and my manner, also encourages me to try new things, too. Behind my house, there is a small hill which is why I am fond of approaching nature. I have a big family, and all my relatives live in the neighborhood. We are very close, and therefore I can always get along well with kids and older people. My family and I often spend time together on mountain climbing, riding a bicycle, playing badminton, swimming, watching a movie. In the night, we often have reading time together. I also enjoy playing piano, clarinet, painting, and dancing.

I would love to make new friends from different countries with various cultures. Getting along with others quickly, I always have excellent relationships with people. I look at other advantages and love to help them with their weaknesses. Even though we are now apart, I maintain close relationships with my friends. I feel moved and touched every time I received a birthday card from them. I hope I can make a long-term friendship with your family members.

My family encourages me to try new things and join this exchange program. I had been staying in the United States for one year because my parents were invited to Columbia University as a visiting scholar. I was very fortunate to be able to study with international classmates. It not only broadened my horizons but also taught me how to respect different cultures and understand them deeply. Also, I have been an exchange student in Canada and Germany. I had built a great relationship with my host family. It was a fascinating experience, and as a result, I decided to apply for an exchange student and study in Germany for a year to conduct a more in-depth learning and understanding of the cultural differences.

Germany is the core of the European economy, and its technology industry has a leading position in the world as it pays attention to details and management. I'm curious about how it is to live and study in a foreign country, wanting to learn everything about Germany, from culture and traditions to their language and society. I believe that Germany can offer me proper development in my education, interpersonal skills, getting accustomed to a new environment, and make new friends. I know that after a year when I return home, I will become a new person. I will share my good experience with my friends in Taiwan.

I have been studying German for two years. Since the German learning environment isn’t well in Taiwan, I don’t have lots of opportunities to practice the language. I believe that language is a tool that needs to be used and practiced frequently. Through this opportunity, I wish to converse with local people and practice my German at the same time. I hope that I can further deepen and broaden the language foundation in Germany. With this experience, I am hoping that I can pass the C1 German test in the future, and have a good language foundation that can help me apply for German Universities.

Thank you for reading this letter. I am looking forward to the day we will meet, appreciate that you provide such a precious opportunity to make my dream come true. I will also introduce to you the unique culture and food from Taiwan. Expect to build a great relationship with every member of the family.

Best regards,