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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Charinthon aus Thailand

September 2019 - Juni 2020

Geburtsdatum: 20.11.2001
Heimatstadt: Aranprathet, Thailand
Top 3 Hobbies: Reisen, Fotografie, Sport schauen (Fußball, Basketball)
Top Charaktereigenschaften: Aktiv, Fröhlich, Kommunikativ
Sprachen: Englisch (14 Jahre), Deutsch in den Anfängen 
Geschwister: eine Schwester (11 Jahre)

Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: keine
Haustiere: einen Hund 

Hallo ! my dear future host family.

Mein Name ist Charintorn Chanasuparn.Du kannst mich anrufen''Cream''.Ich bin 17 Jahre alt.Ich komme aus Thailand.Ich spreche Thai und English (Now I'm learning German :) and it'll surely get better soon)
In der Freizeit gehe ich gerne mit meiner Familie und Freunden auf Reisen. Wenn ich alleine bin , hore ich gerne Musik und schauen gern flims.Ich mache gern viele Aktivitaten zum Beispiel wandern und machen Sie einen Spaziergang mit Freunden und Familie.Sport gucken.

Ich bin eine positive Person und bin immer gut gelaunt.Es ist das beste von mir.

English Time
My German isn't good yet.So let me use English language for introduce myself first.

I am a cheerful person and quite friendly with people(with little dog too:)) Sometimes I can be a quiet person.My friends told me that I'm look like neat girl.I like to play with child because they're cute and lovely. I'm easy to eat (I mean I like to eat basic things such as bread,cornflakes,sanwiches,milk,yogurt So this is my advantages) I don't like smell of cigarette. I like to play with little dog..I like to smile because It's identity of my country and it's also show our kindness.And kindness people is my favourite type.

The reason that I become exchange student.
I have many dreams since I was young.One of my dreams is spending time happily in foreign land So being an exchange student is my aspiration. I would like to get new experiences,do somethings that I've never done in my life, open the new world and see what I've never seen in my life before.I have a lot of things that I want to do like skiing.Playing snow.Go for take a picture in beautiful place.And the important thing is stay and spend time with my host family everyday.I like festival in Germany(Especially Christmas)

Why is it Germany?

I fell in love in this country with a beautiful place, language and people.And maybe I can continue to the university in the future.So I wish I could get German language.

Let me tell you about my life ;)
Luckily I was born in a warm family.My parents so kind to me (But when I'm wrong they're the best teacher for me) My dad is policeman.My mom is teacher.I have a little sister.Her name is Cake.She's 10 years old now. We're so close.She's very talkative and clever.I also live with my grandparents.

My family like to go for a trip together.That's make me love travelling.We're like to eat.We spend time together everyday.But now I come to study in another place about 2 years.I live in dormitory with friends.And I'll go home twice a month.And sometimes my parents come for visit me.So don't worry about any homesick when I'm far from home.

At school I'm a student council(I'm so pround with it) We're representatives of student and school to do a lot of things such as help school activities,social events,community projects.I got a lot of things from being student council.I got friendship,patient,work skills,teamwork and unity.

What you will get from me is you will learn a lot of things about my country.How different about a lot of things.Many Thai culture.I hope I can make your life more colorful.And of course I'll be a good daughter of you.

Now I'm prepare myself for being an exchange student.I'm learning German.I'm learning about German's culture

At last I just hope that my 10 months in Germany would be great (And of course I can handle whatever that's going to happen no matter what it'll be good or not)..And I hope I can be a part of your family.

By the end of this letter, I’m appreciate and thankful for the kindness of host family.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.