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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Alice aus Italien

September 2019 – Januar 2020

Geburtsdatum: 29.12.2003
Heimatstadt: Belpasso
Top 5 Hobbies: Schwimmen (schwimmt Wettkämpfe), Musik hören, Reisen, Fotografieren, Museen besichtigen
Top Charaktereigenschaften: anpassungsfähig, kommunikativ, motiviert, verantwortungsbewusst, spontan
Sprachen: Deutsch (2 Jahre), Französisch, Englisch
Geschwister: ein Bruder (20 Jahre), eine Schwester (19 Jahre)

Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: nein
Haustiere: ein Hund

Dear Host Family,

Ich bin Alice and I’m your future daughter from Italy. I’m so excited about writing this letter!

I’ve dreamed this moment so far and now I’m so touched that I can’t find the words to describe this feelings. I chose Germany to spend this experience because it is one of my favourite countries and I like your language very much. I think that living in Germany for six months it’s a big opportunity to improve my German (mein Lieblingssprache) and to improve myself and my sense of responsibility too.

Ich bin 15 Jahre alt und ich wohne mit meine Eltern, my 20 year old brother, Paolo, and my 19 year old sister, Sofia, in Belpasso, a small town in Sicily of about 30,000 inhabitants, in the south of Italy. I live in a two floor house with a garden. My school is about 15 kilometres far from my town,so every day I take the bus to get it. At the moment, I attend the second year in a secondary school similar to your gymnasium, where I study languages (English, German and French) and scientific subjects such as maths and physic.

I get on very well with my parents and my brothers. I sometimes help my mother in the household. For example I tidy up my room and set the table. I like cooking chocolate cakes. I listen to music every day, especially before sleeping. I also like surfing the  net. I love swimming and every day I practice it with my brothers. It makes me a lot of fun and it also helps me against stress from school. We take part to competitions many times a year.

I really enjoy meeting my friends. Their home is not so far away so we can meet often. At weekends we like going out to see movies at the cinema and to eat something together.

In my future I would like to go to university to study English, German and French that are the other two languages I’m studying at my high school now. One of my biggest dream is to visit every city because I’m really curious. I would like to travel all around the world!

I started thinking about six months exchange when I went to France last summer. There I knew an Italian boy who was spending one year in Paris. He could think in French! That’s what I would like to do with your language. I think that my German would improve well and I  would  learn  much about  your  culture. I would have the unique opportunity to learn in a German family all about the "German way of life".

I’m ready to change my routine and to discover a new way of living.
Thank you very much for having read this letter.