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Dr. Frank Sprachen & Reisen

Ausland macht schlau!

Ai aus Thailand

September 2019 - Juni 2020

Geburtsdatum: 09.12.2003
Heimatstadt: Phrapradaeng, Thailand
Top 4 Hobbies: Fotografie, Kochen, Reisen, Schwimmen
Top Charaktereigenschaften: Aktiv, Freundlich, Respektvoll
Sprachen: Englisch (9 Jahre), Chinesisch (3 Jahre), Deutsch (1 Jahr)
Geschwister: eine Schwester (13 Jahre)
Vegetarier: nein
Raucher: nein
Allergie: nein
Haustiere: Drei Hunde

Dear Host Family
Guten Tag. I very please to meet you. First I will introduce myself in german for a little.mein name ist Ai Boonyarataphan und mein spitzname ist Ice. ich komme aus Thailand. ich wohne in Samutprakarn Stagt. ich bin fünfzehn Jahre alt und ich bin schülerin. ich spreche Thailandisch and Englishch eine bisschen Chinesisch und Deutsch. mein hobby ist Kochen .This is my german for now but i promise i will improve myself to can speak with you more!

I am the girl name Ai Boonyarataphan.My nickname is Ice but no-one call me Ice because they say ‘Ai’ is more easy. My personality is patient,optimistic and cheerful. I very interesting at cooking,photography and sport. In my free time i like to play with my lovely dogs ,cooking and take a photo.

For my school life, I study at Rajini School(The Thai girl School) since 2012 and now I have been study here for 10 years.This school very outstanding for thai culture.I had learn a lot of thai culture such as how to make a flower garland,playing thai instrument (I can play Saw U). My favorite school subjects are always Languages and Social. I think this two subject are very funny and interesting because I want to use my languages skill to explore world,communication with people around the world or travel.In my school activities I always like to playing sport or enroll an competition such as swimming ,netball and I also join singing club,In 2018 we had performance in Public national theater.In my school free time I always playing sport with my friend or talking with my friend but In after-school,I always go to Library. My favorite kind of book are Life Novel and Investigate Novel. I really love to read Sherlock Holmes!.

So let’s talk about My family . My family have five members;My grandfather,My aunt,My mother,My sister and I also have 3 lovely dogs.My family live in Samutprakarn province where nearly Bangkok but they very different from Bangkok;They have a lot of nature place such as BangKraJao to visit and many people know Samutprakarn as Bangkok’s Lung(Fresh Air&Nearly Bangkok). My family very like to spend time together. We always go dinner outside together and if we on vocation we always have a trip aboard or travel inside country.I really close to my family: I always like to playing sport such as badminton,swimming or biking with my grandfather because he really love sport and he is who taught me to play many sport. For my aunt and my mother I always like to shopping with them or Talking about my life to them and specially Eating a delicious food! . and the last for my sister I really close to her because she younger than me just 11 month. We always playing with dog together,playing games,watch movies and cooking! There are so much great time with my family.

In my life I interesting in many things and I always like to learn new things. First I really in love with cooking. i like to cooking many different recipes and also cooking lunch for my sister.I think I can exchange food culture with you if you want because I also want to learning about german food!. My second interesting is Take a photo,Post them on my instagram and record travel vlog video. I am who really love travel,find/learn different culture,lifestyle and also like to keep them in my memories or recommend trip to other that I had gone. And very my favorite interesting activities is playing with animal! I really love animal especially dog. I want to playing with them and take care them as my best friend.I have been take care 11 dogs when I was 12 years old it was very hard but I really love them all.

In my future When I am in University I want to learning in Faculty of Art. I want learning many languages and be really good at them.and when I graduated I want to to do a job that I love.For now I really want to be blogger about traveling,Guide and Freelance. i think there are very perfect with my favorite. Because I like to take a photo,like to learn languages and like to cut a video or touch up a picture.I wish I can be successful in them in the future and have a happy life. I can take care my parent take care myself and helping other people and use every second be worth.

I choose to be German student exchange because I think German has a very interesting culture such as languages that I really interesting in it. And I hope I will have many good experience/great time and I also want to improve my german language to be in high level and comeback to thailand and successful in german language
By the end of this letter I’m appreciate and thankful for kindness of host family. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Your Sincerely