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Silvester in Deutschland

Edna aus Norwegen

New Year's Eve - Norway x Germany


2020 has not been an easy year for us, but finally it is over. Corona changed a lot of my plans in 2020, but it was also one of the reasons I decided to go on an exchange, which has been one of my best decisions I have ever made. Even though New Year's Eve in Germany did not go as I first thought it would, it was a fantastic evening and night, and I am happy I got to spend it with my host family and friends of them.

In my home country Norway we normally start the day with breakfast together, and after that my mom begins/continues with the food (the turkey she starts cooking a few days in advance). Usually I have to go to the store because she has forgotten something, and then me, my younger sister, and our dad go and buy some fireworks. About 6 pm our grandparents come visit us and we eat dinner together. Normally we eat turkey, elk pot, rice, potatoes etc. We also eat dessert which normally is Christmas cakes, rice cream with raspberry sauce and ice cream. After the food my grandparents drive home to sleep a bit, and we go out playing in the snow and we also shoot up some small fireworks. After a while we go inside again and just chill a bit and wait for it to approach midnight. A bit before midnight our grandparents come to us again and we shoot up fireworks and wish each other a happy new year. After a while we go inside, and normally we watch a movie together. 

Despite the restrictions, new year eve was more than successful. The day started with breakfast together, and then me and my host dad went jogging. About 4 pm we started getting ready to leave. First we delivered the dog to my host grandparents, and then went to the next village to some friends of my host family. The evening began with food, and we ate “Leberkäse”, mashed potatoes, pretzels and more. After the food we just sat there and talked together before we went out to watch and shoot up some fireworks. Unfortunately, fireworks were forbidden here this year, but my host family had some small stuff from last year that we used, and the children enjoyed it very much. After a while we went inside again and did the “Schrottwichtel”. I had never done it before, but I really enjoyed it even though we had to take half of our stuff home again… I will definitely bring this tradition home to Norway. The rest of the evening the kids played together and we just sat there and talked together, and I actually got to know pretty much, until we left about 5 am which was pretty late and I went straight in bed.

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my new year eve traditions here in Germany and in my home country Norway, and I wish you all a happy new year/ ein frohes neues Jahr.